Be Free- Be You

Many folks fail to maximize their life and potentials for one major reason…they don’t have a life of their own! they are busy living the lives of their parents, friends, teachers, government, etc. they are living every other person’s life save their own. They lack the ability to be them, to stand alone, to be outstanding because they cant stand being outside the crowd. They prefer to play it safe with the majority who play not to lose rather than playing to win. They cant risk being noticed- alone for they fear their flaws would come to the front light. well, i understand their plight. I’ve been there as well. its good to calculate risk but they forget that the biggest risk a man can take is to not take risks. Men who go with the crowd always fall with the crowd. You are denying yourself much more gain than what you stand to lose if your flaws are to show for being exposed by standing alone. Friends, this is a call to stand in the liberty God has granted to you, stand for your self, be sure and secure in yourself, independent of those around you. be fearless, dare to be you! When you do this- taking absolute charge and responsibility for your life, then you can live it, and also maximize it. i believe in a greater you. succeed!

– InspiredA4

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