our dreams

What one man believed, another man achieved. But for that man to achieve, he had to adopt the old man’s dream as his own vision. And after this one man defied the odds and resisted the status quo, he gave many more the chance to follow suit, changed the world and gave us a new way to live, and a new status quo to work with. He took the ordinances that stood against him and stood above them. Not only for himself, but for many more that will come after him.
When Chris rock did his movie that depicted a black man as president in 2003(head of state), it could only pass as a comedy. So also was the first ever movie to have a black president-1933 film Rufus Jones for President. But after Obama’s landmark victory of 2008, we have seen black presidents in big cinema stuffs like 24, and white house down, amongst others. what was against the odds some years back has now become the norm. Hollywood has come to see, believe and accept the possibility of a black president as several more movie roles of president are now being played by black men, something that before 2008,was reported as a laughable, mock-able, and impossible fiction that will never sell nor be accepted. And it started with just one man, who dared to believe, and another who not only believed, but acted in it to achieve.
“I have a dream” was the famous phrase of Dr Martin Luther king Jr years ago, and with “yes we can”, that dream became a reality. I want to ask, what are your dreams of the future? The ones you are too scared to share because you don’t want to be mocked or for the fact that they are grossly impossible and can never be done. Did you know that a prominent American politician remarked about Obama during his campaign that “this man ought to be serving us coffee now and not running for president”. That same man has had to refer to president Obama as Mr President without a question of choice some months later when Obama won. Impossibility doesn’t define what cannot be done, but rather what has not been done and most times what has not even been tried.
Success is seldom a ‘suddenly’ that just happened, Rome wasn’t built in a day; success is usually a collection of very small and minute things done consistently and put together. It is usually a product of accumulated efforts. Every big thing we see today, started from a seed. That seed is usually an idea or a dream.
Maybe, I am still part of that camp that think certain things won’t (not can’t) be achieved at certain times, just as it will take years for a tree that was planted yesterday to be reckoned with as a tree, so also certain things won’t happen at certain times but that shouldn’t prevent you from playing your part. It is hard to believe a black man who might have dared to run for president in 1980 could win against the worst white man in the world. But in 2008, a good black man defeated a wonderful white man, and made history not only as the first black president of USA, but also the first black man to be re-elected as president. So if 10 years ago was the best time to plant that seed, the second best time is now. Also, the best chance that a tree we need today but we don’t have, can be gotten in some years’ time is if we act today rather than relent and simply accept fate. When we choose to not act when action is needed, but decide to roll with the roller coaster and opt for an easy way out by postponing necessary actions and choose not to dream, we only succeed at voting for the status quo. Time is not what changes things (as the only change that occurs with time is decay), right action in time is what brings about changes for good with time. Whatever seed you plant today, even if time does not permit you to enjoy or see to come into full manifestation of a celebrated present day reality, precedence would not fail to be grateful to you for it and history would be gracious to you in it.
We live in a dreamer’s world, where those that achieve are those that first believed. We all believe in one thing or the other, and so we all have some accomplishment or the other to boast of. But what marks the difference between the ordinary man and the extraordinary, the mediocre and the great, the natural man and the supernatural man is what they believe in. This also marks the difference in what they achieve.
Einstein remarked that he was grateful to all those people who told him certain things could never be done. They simply gave him a chance to do them himself and prove them wrong. When we do what men have never done, we get and become what men have never gotten or been. They may laugh at it today and maybe mock you tomorrow, but when the deal is done, they will come to respect you or risk being on the wrong end of history because you’ve made history. Make history, create a change, live a legacy. If there is one thing I believe in, it will be that YES WE CAN. We can and we will overcome.
Fortune favours the bold. So dream and be bold enough to believe, believe enough to pursue that dream till it surrenders itself to you. Live your life. Unleash your potentials. Make impact. Achieve greatness!

3 thoughts on “our dreams

  1. This is very inspiring and very thought full. Keep it up. A book on this will surely be a best seller. Some conditions being equal. Thanks a lot.


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