our strange visitors

What and who exactly are our strange visitors? In this context, opportunities are. Opportunity comes to everyone, only that it takes different forms wheN it appears at our different doorsteps.
For some, it appears in the form of a Job offer, for some others as an information, while for a few as an idea Springing up from something they saw in a Movie or on the radio.
Only those who recognize it get to utilize it many without even realizing it. They wisely utilize it only to later realize it for what it is long after enjoying its benefits.
Those that don’t recognize it, remain unaware that it came knocking. They are the ones who keep on complaining it never came. And all the while, while waiting at their doorposts, opportunity keeps thinking, if only they had the kind of eyes that makes wise.
eyes that look are common, but eyes that see Are few. You no longer need to wonder why there are usually few people at the top of the rung and tons others at the bottom taking others from them.
Bill gates when answering questions about the facts discussed in Malcolm Gladwell’s outliers said something remarkable about opportunities:” I was not the only one born in that year”. Where are the other’s. Who had the same priviledges he had?
We all are left without excuses. God gave you working eyes, it is left for you to use them to see. It is high time we stood up and take responsibility. You too can be Great!

3 thoughts on “our strange visitors

  1. “Eyes that look are common, eyes that see are few!” That got to me. Great words man of God, keep it up. People need to hear more of this!


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