pathway to fulfilling your financial fantasies

The 2 paths to Financial Freedom.
On the mind of mind of most people I know, we are constantly asking ourselves, how can I make more money? For many of us in school that are about to graduate or have just graduated from college, we are pondering what next. We all want to find that path that leads to our land of freedom. Where we can maximize life and find happiness.
This perhaps prompted a classmate to ask me which category I fall under. Job/career seeking or business starter. That got me thinking about which one is better. Is it Finding a good paying job or risking suffering loss or gain in Business. Well these are my thoughts:
A job gives you security, a business Gives you opportunity. If you have a good job and you are doing your job, you can be rest assured that regularly you’d have something to fall back on. Something steady you can plan on. And always rely on.
A business however is quite different. When you about to start, it doesn’t give you security, only. Promises. Its like planting a seed today. It might germinate and it might not. If it doesn’t, its your big loss and you might have to go hungry tomorrow for it. But then, just as a seed. planted poses a risk of not germinating, it also avails you great opportunity. You can count the number of seeds in a fruit, but cannot count the number of fruits in a seed. There is usually opportunity at the other side of the coin of risk. And starting a business offers you that. Businesses are often possibilities rather than final-ities. They have potentials of helping you fulfill your greatest financial fantasies and desires. A quick look at the richest men you know, and you’d see that they all run businesses that one day was only like a seed- risk and opportunity.
For a young person about to enter the adult world of self dependency and responsibility, or someone else who is contemplating quitting his job or starting a business, you must recognize that both are quite important.
There are times when being secured and ensuring your family’s security is all that matters. But there are other times when we need to seek something better than being safe. Things like experiencing the world that is more than ourselves and probably creating security for others other than ourselves are very commendable and self rewarding.
My answer to my dear friend was this- I am for both. I’m in school to get a degree and I intend to pursue a career I’m passionate about but also well keen to have my own business. I take one of my biggest learning on earning from billionaire investor warren Buffet: don’t put all your eggs in one basket; always have a multiple stream of income.
On whether it is possible to combine both effectively? Answer is yes. At least for a start. Till your business can effectively provide you the kind of security any job could. You only need to set your priorities right. Getting a new job will require you. To focus on it and make it a top priority. So if that’s your option A, nothing stops you from having an option B. Afterall there are 26 letters in the english alphabet. Only remember that A always comes before B.
There is a great world of opportunities waiting just for you. Take it! Go for the best and never settle for less. There is not a scarcity of money, only of men who REALLy have it. Do more than wish to be one of them, become it.
Job seekers seek to play it safe but business owners are risk takers. When we only play safe, we deny ourselves the opportunity to live. While we strive to make a honest living, we must however ask ourselves whether we are honestly living or just bearly existing and surviving.
Man was not created to just survive, he was created to live; he wasn’t created to simply manage life and its resources, he was designed to rule over them. Always remember, no matter how crowded the top seems to be, there is always an extra space to accomodate you….only be interested enough to go for it.
Much love!
Please feel free to share this and drop your comments too. I would really appreciate it.

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