Pro 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

Chokmah is hebrew word for wisdom. The word wisdom comes up 222 times in the entire bible (kjv), 53 of which are in the book of proverbs. It also occurred 50 times in the New Testament 11 of which are in the gospels 6 times in red ink (indicating that they were the exact words of Jesus. Himself).
One could write an entire text book on the subject and so I cannot possible do enough justice to it in this small piece. Its importance cannot be over emphasized. When we consider that quality of our life is a function of our beliefs and actions, and that our beliefs and actions are fruits of our thoughts and decisions, we also will begin to see what the wise man was saying here by calling wisdom the principal (most important) thing.
In Wesley’s commentary on this verse of the bible, he writes that wisdom should be gotten with all, even at the price of all. I also read somewhere recently that we should learn to empty our pockets to fill our heads; We’ll end up thanking ourselves for it. That makes perfect sense as Nothing is too much to pay for wisdom. Ignorance and foolishness are the most expensive possessions in the world but surprisingly poor people have them the most.
Another word for wisdom is good judgement. Ability to choose right. The bible says get wisdom. This is possibly because It is not in man’s default setting to be wise. Wisdom must be acquired.
One other thing I’ll love to stress here Is that to attain wisdom, we should always start with common sense. But it is popular say that even that common sense is not common, it also must be acquired.
In the end, the right option is usually obvious to all. The difference is that the wise man sees it before the consequences while the foolish waits to learn it in pain.(Prov22:3). Jesus said wisdom is justified of her children. Don’t wait till you are at crossroads before you go after wisdom.
Just like friends, the best time to get wisdom is when you don’t need it.

From commonized golds
By Soaga Afolabi Olusegun

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