my whole life in summary.(my thoughts)

My birthday is coming up soon, tuesday to be more precise. I look forward to not just a wonderful day, but a wonderful new year in my life. The countdown has started already and in view of this, I’ll love to share something very personal to me. It is like my personal mission statement. My thoughts With some extra commentaries under each main point. Count it as my birthday special!

Ponder upon them and I hope they make if not all, but some of the meaning they’ve made in my own life. your life!
stop living life like you are running somewhere.
Death shouldn’t be an escape plan like prison break.( Life isn’t a prison)
Jesus ordered us to occupy till he returns.
God is honored and pleased when we do something with our lives other than just keeping it.
if God has kept you alive, its because he wants you alive.
dont just exist, live. dont just attend life, participate. dont just pass through life, let it pass through you as well.
the only reason certain christians dont commit suicide is because they fear they’ll end in hell for it.
to enjoy life, you have to live it.
God isnt against you having fun. he only requests that you have the right kind.
boring and spiritual dont have the same meaning.
feel the rain on your skin, noone else can feel it for you.
its your life: be in charge of it.
If you don’t take charge of your life, someone else will do it for you. And trust me, they’ll do a bad job.

2. unleash potentials!
you were made for a reason and you are well equipped for it.
discover yourself: the world wont do that for you.
dont make the graveyard richer than it is: choose to die empty.
not only can you not give what you dont have, you cant also give what you dont know you have.
true fulfillment lies not in what you do for yourself, but in what you do for others.
one of the best thing you can do for yourself is to do for others.
You were not created as a final-ity, but rather as a possibilty.
dont stop searching, dont stop becoming you.
we are not what we are, what we are we ought to be; to be who we really are, we have to become it.


3. make impact!
do something.
build your ark- your act of random kindness.
if you ought to and you can, then you should.
impact is heavy, impact is felt.
what is it that you can be remembered for?
touch a heart, bless a life.
the world is counting on you, dont let her down.


4. achieve greatness!
greatness is a product of impact.
greatness when inherited doesnt last, when achieved is sustained.
you were born to be great, choose not to be any less.
fulfilling purpose might be hectic, but it is always fun and rewarding.
no matter how crowded it might be at the top, there is always an extra space to accomodate you.(That is if you are interested)
Greatness is not to be wished, it is to be achieved.
Greatness might be boring at times, but it is always Most fulfilling and rewarding.


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