are you smarter than a HOUSEfly

Are you smarter than a housefly? Let’s find out.
Today I watched and observed carefully like wise king solomon, how my mom swinged a broom to kill a fly that was pearching on her couch, and saw like in HD how the fly narrowly escaped a close call to death missing the hit in spectacular manner by just some few seconds.
But typical of houseflys, it returned in only a matter of seconds to its original position as if its life wasn’t threatened the first time. And though my mom ignored it today, on another day she wouldn’t.
And so I started thinking to myself, how stupid these flies are; can’t they just think like us? I mean, I can’t escape death that narrowly and not take a break first(for some persons, at least to share a testimony in church).
And so I came to a conclusion that that’s why we are different; thats why we humans are the kings of the earth and not them. ‘Thank God we have brains’ I said to myself. I can’t possibly imagine life as a housefly. If they had too they’d probably think about this like I do.
But really, on second thought, are we really smarter than these house flies and are you really any better? No doubt we have brains and they don’t, but even concerning that brain, scientist already claim that we don’t even use up to 10% of it and experience shows that even what we call common sense isn’t after all common.
Now let’s even reason this. How long is the average lifespan of an housefly? Say 2 weeks. What about that of a man? Say 70 years. Using simple math, When you ration their life span relative to ours and compare with the time span in which they make an mistake, escape it only to in a matter of seconds repeat the same mistake; if you without bias do the comparism, it is a funny revelation that some of us are not too different from them.
They don’t have the luxury of time we seem to have which hides the fact that we are somehow not any better. We make a mistake today. We might not make that mistake tomorrow, or even next month. But after a year, most people repeat the mistakes of their past. History keeps repeating itself simply because people like house flies don’t learn from their mistakes. They have brains and brilliant minds, but are too often carried away by the urgency of present needs especially in this jet-age that they don’t take time to pause, and think before they act. We just love to live the nike advert…..just do it! Especially if it feels good.
Life is a teacher, the more we live, the more we are taught; learning is entirely up to us.
Wisdom is not the default setting of a fly, neither is it for a man whether he has a brain or not; we must search it, find it, then use it. Prov24:14. Until then, pls don’t judge the housefly because really, you may not be any better.

Soaga afolabi o

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