Ego: pride versus self-esteem

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Today I’ll be sharing some perspective on the subject of ego. I’m sure you’ve met someone that possess one. And I understand that it could be quite annoying sometimes. But more than we like to admit it, every morning we stand in front of the mirror, the person we see in front of us also has got some ego.
In truth, there is actually nothing wrong in having one. Just as much as a lion prides Itself in being the king of the jungle, our ego is also the justified pride we have for being created in God’s image and for being the most sophisticated of all creature of the universe.
Our Ego could actually be described as a road that could lead to 2 paths. One is a good self esteem which is required for any self achievement, and the other is pride or arrogance which is certain to lead to self destruction. When a man’s ego leads him to the latter path, he becomes a symbol of Offense to those that are around him.
I have a wonderful teenage brother who has been going through some tough challenges in recent years. He also happens to have a very big ego. He is often offended when my mom compares him with some of his colleagues. It really hurts his pride. And not just comparism, its almost like every lil’ challenge does. I have found my brother always trying to defend his ego to the best of his his best ability. And we all do at some point. Every time we give an excuse for something, that is exactly what we are doing. Whenever something tries to hurt Our ego, we take it as a personal responsibilty to defend it. But that’s so much of a waste of time and energy. Its just Like you giving the hungry man fish without teaching him how to fish by himself. you’d have to keep doing that and sooner or later it will really wear you out. A better option is to Show him how to catch fish so that when next he is hungry, it will not be your own problem since he knows where to look. A bad option is to neglect him completely because sooner or later he’ll steal your rest and peace or in the least your own fish.
Likewise, Instead of trying to protect your ego or defending It everytime someone or something tries to bruise it, why not empower and build it up to defend itself. You can build your ego up through worthwhile achievement and success. The more progress you make in life the more value you have, and the stronger Your ego gets. People that spend time defending themselves don’t usually create or find enough Time to empower themselves and do things that we bring them success. When you succeed, your ego will soar by itself and comparism or competition won’t bother you.
In conclusion, caution must be taken. There is a thin line between self-esteem and pride. They are the two opposite Sides of the ego coin and success is like a flip of that coin and care must be taken to choose deliberately which side you land on. Even if uncontrollably it lands on the wrong side, wisdom demands you make neccessary adjustments as One could lead to more success while the other is sure to take you nose-diving to the ground. Pride corrupts success and you must Beware of it!

Soaga afolabi o

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