dont be a christmas dull jack

If you had an exciting childhood just like mine, then you must have also recited the short poem- all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.
Somehow as we grew, we began to have more responsibilities and consequently more work to do. And as we advanced in age, we also advanced in unbelief and somehow began to disbelieve this statement more and more.
I also noticed, that as we proceeded In life this way, we also began to diminish in our creativity. For most of us, the most creative things we have ever done and the brightest ideas we’ve ever had were gotten when we were only children.
What changed? Our capacity or potentials to create, our willingness to, or our method of doing so? Definitely not our capacity and potential because we are, have always been and will always be in God’s image and likeness and so creative ability is inherent in us. Obviously not our willingness; I mean, who doesn’t want to be the next steve jobs. My guess is our methods.
Ideas are like raw material or natural resources. God has placed them in our world so we can discover them and use them to make our world a better place. But first we must discover them and then refine them into useful materials.
Like treasures, they are available to everyone, but only those brave enough to seek them find them. And as kids, we found them so often while we played. The creativity of a child is rarely unleashed while he is reading or doing house chores, but rather while he is playing. That’s why we sang all work no play makes jack dull.
Its christ’s ‘birthday’ on wednesday. Its not just about eating and sharing gifts, its also about reaching out to the world to make it better just as the man we celebrate did. My submission today is this- drop the work a little bit and play. Enjoy this season as well. Because as you play, you’d be Surprised at what ideas you could stumble upon and you would be doing yourself and the entire world a favor by doing so. And if you are too old and grumpy to have fun, relax and rest, because after playing, the Next most receptive means to ideas is a relaxed and refreshed mind. ( Isaac Newton discovered gravity while playing under a tree, don’t tell me you thought he was working there)
Allow me conclude with this wonderful quote I stumbled upon once, we don’t stop playing because we are too old, we are too old because we stopped playing. This season avails the opportunity to go back to base, to where it all started from. Spend time with those that matter to you and enjoy the holidays. From me to you- compliments of the season!
Soaga afolabi o

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