Hi there, it’s a pleasure to have you again this New Year. The year promises great things ahead and it is my prayer that you and I partake of the greatness the year has to offer. My article today is long overdue. It was intended to be a New Year post but for some reasons it was delayed. None the less, here is it today.

Originally though, the contents of today’s piece were not intended to be a blog post but rather a tweet post of a couple of lessons I learnt in 2013 that I intend to apply in 2014 (i tweet @inspireda4). But the more I thought about the year, the more stuff I came up with.

I present them here in form of nuggets. These are the thoughts I have begun to run my year with. Take your time to read through, think well on them, and adopt that which is relevant to you. i usually pick a random thought like one of these nuggets and then build an article round it, but here i present several thoughts in simple and understanding terms and i hope you find them worth while.So we begin:

Don’t seek to change; seek to be better

Live by your convictions

Be true to yourself

Up your game or be history.

It isn’t mere repetition that creates perfection. If you keep doing things wrongly; all you will be is ‘perfectly wrong’

Certain things are best done with people, others are best done alone. Staying ahead requires knowing which one best suits your present circumstance.

My failures of yesterday is part of my success today. Because by getting it wrong then, i discovered successfully another way how certain things should not be done

Nobody is really better than me; i only have people who have put more efforts and done more than i have; thus accomplishing more. And in truth, what they have done, i also can and even better

Greatness isn’t achieved when you impress people but rather when you impact them.

Opportunities are like ‘classy chicks’. When they are available for grabs, they will offer you signals, but they won’t come to you. It is left to you to woo them over and grab them while they last. And  remember, they won’t linger for ever

Whether i win or lose is not a matter of how good my opponent is but rather how good i am and how good i can become before the match

The opportunity of a life time must be taken in the life time of the opportunity………Paul Adefarasin

Be Selfless: the opposite of love isn’t Hate, but selfishness.

Pointing fingers is one of the easiest things to do, it is also one of the lamest I know. Quit the blame game.

Generosity is the way forward. We give up to go up.

Take care of what is yours or it will be taken from your care

Avoid debts, too much of it can kill you

Don’t trust yourself too much. Remember you are still human and you are’nt above mistakes

Not all that glitters is gold. Don’t seek to have everything. That is greed.

Breed love. You can’t go wrong loving people.

Live your life

Unleash every potential

Make impact

Achieve Greatness


I am doing my best to allow all these principles guide my decisions and inform my actions. They are not novel to  me and so its easier for me to do that. However, I’d recommend that you pick one or two that is most relevant to you and commit it to memory. As a  man thinks, so does he act. It is one thing to make plans and decide on some action point, but to execute is  more important. So pick one and execute and I believe it will make this year more beautiful for you.



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