your Rear mirror in life and driving

Everyone should learn how to drive a car because it could teach us tremendous lessons on how to live our lives. We can compare living life to driving a car. Both are similar, they both involve the concept of time and their focus both is progress; as you move from one place to another.
If you are familiar with driving, you’d agree with me that the rear mirror in your car isn’t serving aesthetic purposes, but is actually needed for charting a safe course when driving. Those that have failed to use theirs appropriately have landed in crashes and accidents, then law courts and prison cells, or some ‘lucky’ ones in the hospital and the less lucky ones in the mortuary and grave yards.

Someone who decides to constantly fix his gaze on his rear mirror while moving forward could as well just sign his funeral certificate with his own hands. Doing that, forward movement is almost impossible, and where possible, it’s not without hiccups, troubles, bumps, problems, insults, and slow pace. The destination and progress you can safely and comfortably reach while fixing your look on your rear mirror is backwards.
So likewise in life, you can’t make progress by living in the past. Truly, there are tremendous memories, experiences, lessons, e.t.c, that are in the past that we shouldn’t just dump and forget as they could turn out to be very helpful as we progress, but to fix our gaze ‘exclusively’ on them is to attempt traveling north while journeying south. To make progress, you’ve got to look ahead.

Don’t live in the past; that can affect your future negatively. Live your life in the present; live your life for the future. Don’t live exclusively in the future, that may stop you from getting there, but never take your eyes off it for too long while you are living in the present. Living in today will allow you maximize today opportunities that will give you a better life tomorrow and give you a shot at better shots tomorrow (A good opportunity today when taken can create a better one tommorrow).
Whether they are good or bad, success or failure, the past is past, and should be left there. Take a look at it once in a while, pick the necessary shots but always remember forward movement requires forward looking. Apostle Paul who wrote about 2/3 of the new testament said forgetting things that are behind….i press forward to things that are ahead. Some persons are limited by their past failures while for some others, their success yesterday is the no.1 stumbling block to their success today.
Friends, it’s time we start using the rear mirror for what it is meant for and stop trying to use it to chart our ways forward. Even the most skilled driver knows that to move forward, you’ve got to look ahead.

There is no point living in the past, you don’t have the power to erase it or change it. Embrace it as part of you. The only way can even correct whatever is wrong there is to live our life today and making today count. Most people view their life’s purpose as what God will have them do in the nearest future; I view mine as what God will have me do today (as it relates or lead into the big picture of tomorrow). If I can consistently fulfil the purpose of each individual day, they I can be rest assured that 20 years down the line, I’d still be at the centre of God’s intention and plan for me. Always remember, today is a gift from God with which you can decide how tomorrow can be. Inspire into greatness- you were born for it!

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