beautiful mind

I am of the opinion which I believe should be generally accepted that those who flaunt and pride themselves in having great body statures usually have very undeveloped minds and as such possess very little to contribute intellectually to the improvement of the lives of those around them, and the community in which they live.
I would have been guilty of the fallacy of hasty generalization if I don’t say this: the reason for my thought is that we all tend to push our best assets out to the world to judge us by. So a lady who is content exposing every part of body to guys, leaving nothing for their imagination is simply doing that because it is the best she’s got. If they had better minds, it will be the first thing they want us to know and see. Of course the alpha males are not left out. If all a guy has to display is the muscles on his body, you can almost tell how shallow his mind probably is. Like I love to say, what shall it profit a man to have 6 packs and to lack sense in his brain.
I am not against looking good or body building, but I strongly believe that we owe it to those around us to make their lives more beautiful and that this can’t be achieved by merely feeding their eyes but rather by enriching their minds. And a mind which is not enriched cannot enrich another. It takes iron to sharpen iron.
And so if you will go ahead to beautify that gorgeous body of yours, take time to also pay attention to the quality of your mind. Don’t be like that fig tree jesus cursed because it produced leaves but ignored the more important thing being fruits. Good looks will fetch you people’s curiosity and attention but it takes a beautiful mind, strong character and a good heart to earn you love and respect. The question is, if people and opportunities should patronize because of your attraction, will they leave satisfied or dissapointed; the attention you are calling forth, can you handle it?
Dear lady or gentleman, people get attracted to looks, but fall in love with hearts. So whether its love or respect, wealth or greatness you are looking for, a beautiful mind will do you more good than a beautiful body will. My Bottomline today is…. develop your mind. period!

Soaga afolabi o

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