favour magnet in the labour market

My days in the university are numbered. In a couple of weeks, I’d be writing my final examinations. For me and I believe I can say the same for most of my colleagues, these are the periods we begin to intensify our preparations for the next phase. Life is a continuous ccle of ends and beginnings; the end of one phase is usually the beginning of another. Our school having held us and trained us for the past few years is about to release us into a whole new system/world. Generally, that place is called the labor market, but my darling Christian brothers and sisters over here like to call it the favour market. Today, I’ll be discussing what really makes the labour market favorable to you which is what really draws our favour from men towards you in life.

Favour indeed is sweet. It adds flavor to your labour. Encarta defines it as an act of service granted out of goodwill. It is really a wonderful thing to have. It’s so important, the bible refered to it as one of those things that characterized the ministry of Jesus and one of those things that made it successful (luke2:52)l. And like many other good things, we religious folks like to pray for it.(I’m not pointing fingers here because even if I am, my remaining four fingers point back at me…..i too pray for favour and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.)

But then, without underestimating the power of prayer, I know too well that certain things don’t respond to prayer alone. When you are hungry, you don’t pray to be filled; you get food and eat. If you are naked, don’t ask God to clothe you, get to your wardrobe and put something on. if you need money, a night vigil won’t send dollars from heaven ( Kenneth Hagin told us that that would be counterfeit money and God isn’t a fraudster and so he won’t send you such), you need to get out there and work…. So also favour, there are certain things that I saw could attract favour to man just like a nectar attracts bees to flowers..

Eccl9:11 is an excellent part of scripture. It is often quoted but most times not completely. You must have heard people say stuff like… ‘the battle isn’t to the strong, the race isn’t to the swift, blah blah blah, but time and chance happens to them all’. Once again I’m not pointing fingers, I do that too. But in that ‘blah blah blah’ lies a very strong opinion often not noticed. King Solomon there said, ‘ favor isn’t always to men of skill’. This was like a jackpot for me when I saw this because it tells me plainly the password of unlocking the access-way into favour in life.
Let me try giving a brief explanation of that scripture. It is saying that there are times when the stronger fighter loses a fight, and the faster man loses a race, because like one translation puts it ‘bad luck happens to everybody’. But then, on a normal day which of course most days are, a fight is a test of strength and so victory is a function of how strong you are relatively. A race is likewise a test of speed and so ordinarily the swifter runner gets the prize. This also applies to the other three things mentioned.

My obvious point is that IF YOU ARE REALLY INTERESTED IN GETTING FAVOUR, DON’T JUST PRAY…..SKILL UP. When you are skilled, men will seek to favour you. The popular scripture of a man’s gift making way for him is applicable here to back this up. Now consider this: Have you ever had someone come to you for help and then maybe because you genuinely don’t have what they want, you turn them down? But imagine your favorite sportsman come to you to ask for help; if you love soccer imagine it’s a Lionel Messi. You wont think it twice before you agree to. Even if its beyond what we can ordinarily do for them, most of us would go the extra length to make it happen for them. That’s the power skill has over favour. Men respond to skill with favour like paper responds to fire with burning.
Check through scripture….everytime favour from men and for men was mentioned, look well around those verses you’d see some kind of skill playing a part or role in the scene. Esther was skilled in peagantry, joseph in interpretation of dreams, Daniel was smart, jesus was a skilled preacher and a miracle worker. They all had something they could offer men that made men respond to them favorably. They all have a testimony of favor but another common thing to them is that they were all skilled men. They didn’t just have something…..they were outstanding at what they had. And this takes us to the concluding part of this episode.

skill is not talent. It is the ability to do something well and that ability is usually gained through training and experience. Talent is never enough. You must develop it and make it go through a refining process so it could be useful and thus attractive to men just like raw gold is refined to unleash its real potentials. In my country, when a building is not completed, it attracts a kind of people…thieves, robbers, criminals, drug dealers and drug addicts, and even mad men. But that same building, after it’s finished attracts a different kind of people. Kings, rich people, business professional’s, politicians etc. same building, different conditions, different attraction. Our abilities are also like that…..we are all skilled in some way and so we all get favoured but at different levels that usually corresponds to the level of our skills.
To me and my colleagues world over about to leave school and join the labour or favour market; this is crucial. It is not enough we pray to get good jobs, we must be equipped enough for them. No organization in their right mind would see a right candidate for its position and turn him down. And this isn’t just for us, but for anyone that requires favor anywhere, skill can attract it for you.

So identify your field and your abilities…develop them into tradable skills and trade with them. Its my pleasure to inform you that if you do that, you could remove favour from one of those things you are seeking because it will desperately be seeking you back.
Achieve greatness, its in you!
Soaga Afolabi

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