2015 welcome post

Hello friend, its been a while i posted something here- about 2 months x days. Anyway, its good to be back. A lot of things have happened since i last posted an article here, and many more things are about to unfold (God has been faithful). some of these occurrences have contributed to my online silence for a while.

i wont bother boring you with the details, but one thing i’ll say is this…..i’m glad i’m back and of course happy new year. this blog promises to do better than it did last year. though i stopped posting articles, i never stopped writing. you can expect some real good and authentic ‘inspired-a4 good stuff’ in the following months.

my workload wont allow me the luxury of posting every week like i’d loved to. nevertheless, i’ll do what i can to post at least twice a month…..and i assure you,they’ll be worth your read.

in conclusion, i wanna say a big thank you for your readership. it means so much to me. there is great fulfilment in being able to express oneself and that fulfilment is even more when the vibes of that expression is received by somebody somewhere. you are that person for me and you literarily rock my world.

i have great hopes for the new year and i’m sure you do too. i pray you acheive all that you set your heart for this year…….. and please always believe you can. remember to live your life, unleash your potential, make impact, and achieve greatness. see you at the top!


Soaga Afolabi Olusegun

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