the talent-Hardwork saga

To kick off our 2015, i have one important question:mon

Who wins when talent goes head on against hardwork? I’ll say that there is no definite answer to that. At times talent wins, at other times hardwork does.

Hardwork beats talent whenever talent refuses to work hard. And so whenever a lazy talent goes up against a hard working ‘ordinary’, chances are huge that the hard worker would win.yclipc47

Talent is never enough. Just as opportunity is also not enough to make you a success. Opportunity needs to be met with preparation and talent with diligence for success to be reached.

No question about it, talent is important. Under the assumption that hardwork is a constant; the more talented player would usually finish ahead of the less talented player. In the same vein, under the assumption of no talent, the more diligent folk would usually defeat the less diligent one.

In conclusion, every one of us has got some talent. Some folks are more talented that others no doubt. But then, talent just like opportunities are somehow beyond our control. We don’t decide how much of it we have. And more often than not, we find ourselves in strange waters, competing against similar people in areas which are not our strength. Hardwork on the other hand is completely under your control. You can decide how much work you’ll put into yourself or anything. And if more hardwork can lead to more success, I guess more hardwork should be priority to anyone; perhaps, even ahead of talent. But then, that’s just my opinion, I’ll let you decide for yourself which is more important.


Soaga Afolabi Olusegun

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