Get real! is your life really a music video?

Music videos…..fine cars, big mansions, exotic locations, money, drugs, beautiful women without clothes, booze, and the list is endless. They are pictures of a non-existent life; Pure fantasies; Lies creatively put together to entertain people just like the movies we watch.

Social media……selfies taken in front of fine cars in public parks and others in Ikeja city mall restroom, selfies with celebrities we were only fortunate to meet for 1 minute 25 seconds at events we crashed on, personal status of pursuits and dreams we are not chasing, quotes from authors we didn’t read (we simply just repost what someone else did), semi-nude Dps because you want to look like Riri (even she doesnt dress that way in her regular life), images of fun and laughter, and the list is also endless.propaganda

Real life………. Guys trekking from one place to another because they cant afford the hiked fares, girls hustling for fuel at the filling station to run their Generator so they can charge their phones, man soaking garri after work because dinner isn’t ready yet, people concerned about surviving today and not their dreams tomorrow, and the list is also endless.

it seems our social media personality looks more like a music video than it does our real life.

People post pictures and quotes of things they are not just so that some random person out there could doubletap on instagram, like on facebook or follow on twitter. Sad thing is that most of the things we post are falsehoods or at best partial truths.

Journalist Shauna Niequist wrote, “The danger of the internet is that it’s very, very easy to tell partial truths—to show a fabulous meal but not the messy clean up afterward. To display the smiling couple shot, but not the fight you had three days ago. To offer up the sparkly milestones but not the spiraling meltdowns.”

I recently stumbled upon an observation someone made recently also that there existed an era when people kept diaries and got mad whenever anybody read them. But today, people post their entire ‘false’ life on social media so that every tom, Dick, harry, and binta can read it. (paraphrased)

The reason is quite obvious. The diary was a book of secrets. Their real lives are recorded there. Their true thoughts and feelings, real emotions, challenges and difficulties, sincere hopes and aspirations; basically it was a record of real stuff; a mix of life’s good, bad and ugly. But on the contrary, everybody is perfect on social media. Nobody has pimples or tribal marks again, nobody fails at anything, everybody is on a luxurious vacation 24/7,  the girls wear makeup to bed and look fabulous all day all week, And we all have no worries!

I can reason with the fiction of music videos and reality TV shows. They are serving the purpose of entertainment and somebody is getting paid for it. But living a fictional life on social media is quite disturbing. Why go through the stress?

Indeed, imagery is very important and it’s good to always project the best things about ourselves but the problem with our generation is that we pay too much attention to the cover and do that usually at the expense of its content. We want to look good rather than LeadDoubleLife_Home_340be good

For us it’s all about making people think stuffs!

So we just want to look rich to make people think we are rich when we could have put maybe a little more effort and become really rich. We spend time trying to make people think we are having fun when we ought to spend that time having the fun (that 20 second selfie with a celeb could have gone into networking with him). We create an image of what we want to be on social media but then fail to put efforts into being that in reality. We interrupt the whole process, pause life, just to take that one selfie that will tell the story of events that didn’t take place. The way I see it, if some people’s social media personality meets their real self, it wont recognize him or her.

The problem is not that being on social media and looking fabulous there is wrong, but that our purpose and intentions are faulty and our priorities are mixed up. The social media is a platform to socially interact and connect and not one for self-deceits and idolization.

Your life isn’t supposed to be a music video that entertains people especially when you are not getting paid for it.

This is intended to be a wakeup call to all persons concerned. Its time we grow up and quit the acting and fronting; the deceit and lies. Its time to get Real.

Stop trying to make people think things. Start becoming things. That’s waaaay better and more rewarding.


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