Super Mario

It is said that the greatest loss in life is not when we die, but rather what dies in us while we are yet alive. The graveyard is reputed to be the wealthiest place on the earth because it is home to a lot of dreams unachieved, potentials unprocessed and possibilities unattained.

Its that time of the year again, the EPL has started! Boys in town are breaking up with their girlfriends to rekindle that passionate affair with their various teams and leagues. There are so many talks about the big money transfers, the exciting fixtures, who is going to win trophies and individual glories, and who the losers would be. There are several names making the headlines these days but one person that seems to be absent from the whole party is BALOTELLI!BALLOTELLI

The Italy international who has played for top sides such as Manchester city, AC Milan and currently plays for the Merseyside team, Liverpool isn’t making headlines as he use to. When he makes the headlines these days, he does it for ‘pitiable’ reasons.

Some few years back, one could have bet his life on the fact that Balotelli was the next biggest thing in football. He has the skills, the strength and the platform. He can shoot from almost impossible positions, he is aggressive and is no doubt a threat to any defense in the world…or maybe i should have said was.

Recent report says Liverpool are supposedly interested in selling balottelli off. I heard they placed a figure of about 7 million pounds (which is less than half of what they paid for him) on his head but couldn’t get any offer for him  despite. The only team that looked interested is a second division team and even they were not willing to pay that much. Its funny how a chief corner stone of yesterday can become a reject today. selahmario_growth

Amidst the several points that could be raised to be responsible for Super Mario’s woes; one i count highly significant is his ATTITUDE.

That is one thing Balotelli hasn’t gotten right in his career. As a result, he has become another testament to the fact that skills and abilities can take you to the top; but they cant keep you there; That effort will beat talent when talent refuses to work hard; That your attitude indeed will determine your altitude in life; and that anyone who stands should take heed lest he falls; and that super mario isnt super if his attitude sucks.

One could make a list of the several things in life that are beyond our reach and control and our attitude will never make the cut. However, the recompense of our attitude might do so, but our attitude itself will never. You can choose to be optimistic, positive, full of life, hope, and passion, or you could choose to be otherwise. You can choose to be enthusiastic which in the original greek rendition means to be full of God or you could choose to be moody, lethargic and drawn-back. What is however out of your control is what your attitude rewards you with.

In conclusion, potentials and abilities mean nothing if you dont have the right attitude to combine them with. Attitude indeed is everything. You might not have control over everything that happens to you, but you can always choose to respond appropriately to whatever life throws at you. And with the right attitude to all circumstance, you will always hit the sky flying.images (2)

I sincerely hope things get better for Mario especially now that he has rejoined AC Milan, but first, its important he improves his attitude.

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Soaga Afolabi

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