It’s my birthday today!

(Birthday pix)
The Afolabi Soaga. Photo credit: Myself

It’s been an eventful past one year since my last birthday and this time around, I actually got a cake from a good friend Bob. So if you can swing past my house late in the evening (Nigerian time), let me know so that I can keep a piece of cake for you too.

For the numerous others that can’t, I have decided to share something juicy with you too- Just some random thoughts that have shaped me and are continuing to do so. I have shared some of them earlier on facebook with the hashtag Here is a compilation of all of them and I hope they make as much meaning to you as they do to me.


Often, the key to ‪#‎Relevance isn’t what you have known, but what you know and what you are continuing to ‪#‎know.Great people don’t stop ‪#‎learning.


‎The most important thing isn’t your job, or how much you have, or what car you drive, or how you look.You are probably not the only one that has those things or does them as the case may be. So there is nothing special in those.What’s important is who you are and how you make people feel.


It’s good to have a plan. it’s good to have dreams and make strategies on how to achieve them. Some of those dreams are seeds God planted in your heart. And most times, he expects that you water those seeds with the resources he has placed in your care. Resources like your ability to think and your ability to plan; ability to pray and ability to expect. Once there is such planting and watering, God won’t hold back an increase.


Nobody prays for them, but sooner or later we all get to face them. What’s important is not if they come or not. Rather, it is HOW you handle them when they show up. No one cares about what you go through or how tough your situation is. What people are interested in is how you handle things. So like they say, if stones are thrown at you, build a castle. If life gives you lemon, make lemonade.

#Attitude towards money

God frowns at both the man who withholds all his money and he who keeps none. I’ve found that with God, how you handle money as with other things, your motives are most important. They decide whether you get a frown or a smile. A foolish man spends all that he has; Another withholds unduly but comes to poverty,  but a Generous man will prosper (prov21:20; Provs 11:24-25 )‎. Do you hold on to money because you are prudent or because you are stingy; and do you let go because you are generous or because you are impulsive and wasteful.


An idea is NOBODY’s until SOMEBODY does something about it.Your idea is not secured until you do enough about it.An idea is of no good if it remains in your head.


People are not good or bad. People are just people. The same man that stole your money, used it to pay his kid’s school fees. To you, he is bad; but his kid sees him as the best dad in the world. No justification for bad acts. But the story is that people are beyond what you see them as. And they have what it takes to be good people; even, great people. And sometimes they just need you to see the good in them and give them a reputation to live up to.


Birthday Cake from Bob

Today has been an exciting one for me. Thanks to everyone that has made this past year awesome. My Mom and siblings, My sister and her awesome husband, my darling friends that I adore , my awesome boss at work, everyone who reads my stuffs and support me, and well wishers in all corners of the earth.

I celebrate all your contributions to my life. You guys push me to be better and I’ve committed myself to not failing God, to not failing purpose, and to not disappointing you.

God bless you


Afolabi Soaga

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