There are 2 types of people

There are two categories of people in the world- The BUYERsellers and the SELLERbuyers. Everyone buys and sell. The difference between both categories is that the BUYERseller buys more than he sells while the SELLERbuyer sells more than he buys. The BUYERseller doesn’t necessarily buy more than the SELLERbuyer does, he/she only buys more than he/she sells.

Countries can also be grouped in a like manner. While some countries are BUYERsellers, others are SELLERbuyers. Nigeria for instance, belongs to the former. We import more than we export. As a result, we run a deficit balance of trade, and hence, we have an economy that could be doing far better than it currently does. We are not alone. Most third world countries also belong to the BUYERseller category and they’ll remain third world until that change. Developed countries on the contrary are SELLERbuyers; and as long as they remain that, they’d continue to be ahead.

It’s important to note also that the country a man lives in doesn’t necessarily decide which category he falls into. There are SELLERbuyer Nigerians as much as there are BUYERseller Americans. So neither race, background, gender or any other caste can be used to predict the market category a person falls into. So at every level and in all cases, it’s all about personal choices. If you seek more value than you add, then you are a BUYERseller and if you choose to give more value than you seek, then you are a SELLERbuyer.

A BUYERseller is primarily selfish. He cares basically about himself only. He isn’t bothered about what other people need. As long as his needs are being met, he’s good. A SELLERbuyer on the other hand is selfless. He is so concerned about the needs of others such that sometimes he even places that before his own needs. His satisfaction isn’t in having his needs met, but rather in meeting needs.

A BUYERseller searches for people who have the supplies he requires. He is willing to devote his brain power, energy and resources (money) towards meeting his needs. He works because he needs to; because that’s the only way he can pay for his needs. He is typically the kind of person that can’t wait for the closing hour. He’s not concerned about doing his best job, he just wants to get through the day.

A SELLERbuyer is consistently looking for people who needs what he has on offer. He devotes his brain power, energy, resources and his whole self towards meeting the needs of others. He doesn’t just work for the money, he works because he is passionate about what he does; about the change he is making in the world and he is simply glad he is being paid handsomely for it. He is never a part of the problems of the world, he is the solution to them.


A BUYERseller is a consumer. He places premium on liabilities (things you spend money on) while a SELLERbuyer is a producer. He places value on assets (things that fetch you money) instead. One would expect a BUYERseller to have more liabilities than a SELLERbuyer but NO! that’s not the case. Although a BUYERseller has more liabilities than he does assets and a SELLERbuyer has more assets that he has liabilities, SELLERbuyers generally have more liabilities than BUYERsellers could ever have because they usually have more money.


The situation we have in the world today is such that we have more BUYERsellers than we have SELLERbuyers. By effect, it is safer and more convenient to be with the BUYERseller group but it is far better and profitable to be in the SELLERbuyer group.



Although a BUYERseller has more liabilities than he does assets and a SELLERbuyer has more assets that he has liabilities, SELLERbuyers generally have more liabilities than BUYERsellers could ever

It’s basic simple economics; value is directly proportional to rarity. The world has more consumers than producers; that means more problem owners than solution givers. So there is a greater demand for solutions than the supply of it. Money usually flows in the opposite direction of value; those we seek it will pay those who give it. Inherently, solution is more valuable than problem; because it is rare. And the fact that there are more people seeking it than people giving it means that a producer gets to deal with more consumers than consumers get to deal with producers.



What should you do with all these terminologies and stuffs I’ve said?


Make a change if you are a BUYERseller. You were not born that way; you became it by reason of the choices you have been trained to make. Now you can renew your mind and fix things. You can decide that you’d give more value than you’d ever need. That’s the only way to getting paid more than you’ll ever pay.

That’s the only way to getting paid more than you’ll ever pay

And beyond the promise of wealth that this change offer; the joy of seeing yourself change the world by solving its problem is extraordinary. Nothing can be compared to it!


Be Great!




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