2016: guess whose squad i belong to?

992780_10153863901418130_6727036791520169095_n.jpgAfter thinking much about that one important stuff that we all need to know about this New Year, I have reached one very important answer- God’s got our back in the New Year!

This truth is very important and it carries a lot of weight. It is proof that you can’t be on the losing side in 2016. That you can’t fail. It is our assurance of victory. It is for this reason that I am confident that though a thousand fall by my side and ten thousand by my right, I and my lot are kept safe; that no evil fashioned against me will succeed; that the new year would be a rewarding one for me.
You must walk with this consciousness that you are on God’s team. That’s the only way to have full victory.

God’s got our back in the New Year

In the book of Judges Chapter 4, we see the story of Barak, a commander of God’s army, to whom God gave his word that he should go and fight a battle. For some reasons best known to Barak, he refused and insisted that he would only go if Deborah, the judge of Israel, accompanies his army to war. In summary, Deborah agreed, Israel won its battle, but Barak lost.

I like to think that Barak didn’t trust the God he had; that he trusted the involvement of God in Deborah’s life than in his life; and that despite receiving God’s word to go and conquer, the word wasn’t mixed with faith in his heart and so he couldn’t profit from it. Barak knew that God had Deborah’s back but wasn’t sure God had his. And this cost him.

So whatever projects, goals, dreams, and visions that you have for the New Year, I’d like you to always remember that God’s got your back. He is on your side and his team never loses. When you walk through tough times, know that the greater one lies within you and he’d help you through your storms. Be conscious of God’s presence and involvement in your life. Be aware of his love and all that love would cause him to do on your behalf.
In this New Year, you can not fail! The earth will yield its increase to you.

Don’t be a Barak! Rather, trust and believe in God and watch him come through for you.

Happy New Year!



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