Life On Purpose (My 7.125 Billion Story)

As at 2013, the estimated population of the world was placed at 7.125 Billion. That’s a massive lot of people.

If you believe like i do, that the true wealth of the earth is not in the abundance beneath the ground but rather in the people who live in it; then that would mean that the earth is a super rich billionaire! But if so, why is there still suffering and poverty? why is there still decadence in the society? why aren’t things the way they ought to be?

This might explain it- a 7.125 billion Dollars man and a 7.125 billion Naira man are not equal. What both can do and achieve differs greatly. The figures are the same but what they can do differs. So it is not enough to look at the numbers, you must also look at the quality of the numbers.

The problem the world has is not numbers but rather quality. If there were better people, like better currency, we can achieve better results.

Quality of life begins when purpose of life is established. When the purpose of a life is unknown that life becomes a loss to all its stakeholders. A life is fulfilled and optimized when lived primarily for the purpose it was wired.


On the 19th of November, 2016, LifeOnPurpose Conference (LPC) would be holding right here in Lagos Nigeria. LPC is a faith-based and nation building initiative aimed at positioning the lives of young adults towards living a life of purpose and impact.

It is highly recommended for teenagers and young adults who would want to improve their worth and lives. It would be a blend of learning sessions on various topics and skills facilitated by some of the country’s finest minds and hands.

You can REGISTER for it by clicking here. It promises to be all that it promises and even more.  See poster for more details.

PS: You can catch me live at the event too. Look forward to seeing you




4 thoughts on “Life On Purpose (My 7.125 Billion Story)

    1. Absolutely Steve. The world is getting better because people are getting better. There is still a lot to be done though.
      There is a lot of good in people like you say. When these people discover and understand the reason why they exist, they can then harness their vast potentials for the greater good of the world.


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