Here is how to kill Worry

Recently, I traveled to the town of Ago Iwoye, South West Nigeria. It’s been ages since I last visited that town. Going there, I felt like the journey was never going to end. Eventually, I arrived at the town, did my business and was on my way back home.  Returning to the city of Lagos felt like no journey at all. I was home in the twinkle of an eye.

If you have ever traveled to a not-so-familiar place, you must have also felt this way before.

So the question was asked, why does it always feel like the journey to an unknown place is farther than the journey back home from that same place? Even when the kilometres you have to travel and traffic conditions don’t change; Yet for some reason we get home faster than we leave it.

The simple answer is that we worry.

In my experience, I was eager to arrive at Ago iwoye to do what I had to do and return back to Lagos ASAP.  When it started looking like I was running late, I became worried thus making the journey look like it will never end.

On my way back, my mood was different. We had a successive event, I had networked with some really amazing people like Opeyemi Oduwole, Tokunbo Fasoro, and Folabi Nuel; and I was just really glad to return home super-fulfilled.

What I have found is that worrying about how far you still need to go will make your journey  look tougher and farther than it really is


When you are too eager to get something, that thing would probably start looking evasive. The problem with this is that worry begins to set in; and while some people can still get some things  done even when there are worried, I have discovered that those people would have certainly performed better if they were not worried.

Worrying dampens your ability to perform!

Joy on the other hand is an enabler. Although it is not a skill, but it will boost your performance anytime, any day. That means that you will perform better at your tasks when you are happy and joyful.

So, rather than being anxious about things and life in general, become joyful!


Take your mind off what could be and be thankful for what is. In other words; feel the breeze on your skin, take in the oxygen and let go of toxic air; enjoy the moment as it passes for it will not last forever. Don’t contend with the things you have no power over; tomorrow will come when its tomorrow. Until then, live and be thankful for today.

Joy defeats worry every single time!


Joy is a choice. It is independent of the things happening around you. You can choose to be thankful and joyful by choosing to be grateful for the little things such as life, opportunity, family, love etc.

I have never seen a joyful-worried man in my entire life! Not a single one! We give worry and anxiety no chance when we choose to be happy. And when we are happy, we perform better and achieve better results for it. Here is how we kill anxiety.

The end always comes in the end anyway. My question to you is this – will it meet you joyful?

Best regards,


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