just try again?

Just try again?

I have heard it being said several times that if you try out something and it doesn’t work, just try, try again! As good and encouraging as this may sound, it is not always the best option. History as a matter fact has a reputation of always repeating itself simple because a lot of people choose to just simply try and try again.

There are no failures or mistakes in life; only lessons.

So when something doesn’t work out as you plan ,don’t just go out in haste to do the same thing. You need to go back to the drawing board and ask questions. Why exactly didn’t this work? what did i do wrong? what should i do next?That’s how you get answers and that’s how you learn.

I have always told folks that life indeed is a teacher, the more you live the more you are taught. However,learning is entirely up to you. You can choose to learn from your actions or just foolishly repeat them.

When something doesn’t go right, there are two basic action points to follow after you’ve gone to your thinking room to ask questions.

1. Quit- Certain things ought not to be done in the first place. Why waste time on irrelevances? Many people for ‘ego’ reasons keep trying to succeed in areas they need not be in the first place.

Distraction isn’t always a lack of focus; it sometimes having the wrong one. wasted efforts on task A could have been used productively on task B.

Moreover, my sister said something that is quite true once that “there is nothing more stupid than doing something absolutely well that need not to be done in the first place”. (Her opinion not mine)


  1. Try again. But not just like that. Only a fool does the same things the same way and expects a different result. 

You need to do things differently the next time you are trying again. Thomas Edison who is reputed to have failed 999 times before finally inventing the light bulb remarked that all his previous attempts were not failures but lessons because in them he learnt how not to create a light bulb. In other words, every new attempt had a different formula.

So if what you failed at is something that needs to be done, then you need it get better and learn how it ought to be done before taking it head on.

Llast year might have been rough for you. You probably set some goals at its beginning but failed to reach them at the end. And you have perhaps set those same goals again maybe with more resolve to achieve them this year. I believe that determination and will isn’t always enough to get results; right knowledge, attitude and methods are usually necessary as well.

So friend, don’t just try, try, try those stuffs again. Ask questions- should I really be doing this. Quit if no; but if yes, then ask, how can it be better done? Where did I miss it the last time? Put things right before you try again.


Soaga Afolabi Olusegun

why i DONT hate school and love education

Let me set the record straight first. I am a big fan of Sulli Breaks work and this is in no way an attempt to rubbish it or even dispute what he has said. Rather, this is a message that seeks to reinforce his message but at the same time address many folks I have seen that might want to take that message out of context.
Listening to chimamanda Ngozi Adichie made me learn the danger and ills of listening to an incomplete story which she called a single story. It is the same error done when we make dangerous conclusions about a mountain based on just one view. For a ski-diver, that could be as expensive as human life; it could cost you your life. Many young people today are repeating that mistake as regards their education and schooling and I hope this can somehow help us see a different perspective.
Let’s look at the argument. Steve jobs, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, henry Ford, Stephen Speilberg, Bill gates; none of the above mentioned people ever graduated from an higher learning institution. And we don’t need Google to tell us that they are very successful and wealthy.
Point 1. A lot of the wealthiest people the world knows never graduated from a college. But have you also considered the fact that same can be said about the world poorest people. They too never graduated from an higher learning institution. Dropping out of school was not their good luck charm. It never was, it never will.
Hypothetically speaking, a larger percentage of drop outs fail in life than those that did complete school. The examples given above are probably exceptions and it is simply foolishness and not faith to make an exception the rule.
Those people are not successful today, because they didn’t graduate from college. Some didn’t graduate from college because they were already successful. Many others didn’t graduate because they didn’t have the opportunity to.
What I am trying to get across is that school is not the evil, maybe some specific schools are; but school generally isn’t. So we shouldn’t just categorize schooling as evil and then choose to run from it. In truth, your success in life isn’t really based on whether you have a degree or not, but having a degree is also very well NOT a licence or route to failure. (This applies also to many others who claim having a first class isn’t what guarantees success; having a first class doesn’t guarantee failure either. Plus I would rather have a first class and be successful than have a second class and be successful.)
Education indeed is the key. But what are you really in school for. Isn’t it to get educated? Instead of running away from school like it is a one-eyed monster seeking to devour you, why not take it serious and ensure you are getting educated while you are in school. Schooling and education can go together and I am a living proof of that fact!
Pro 17:16 It does a fool no good to spend money on an education, because he has no common sense.
Pro 4:13 Always remember what you have learned. Your education is your life—guard it well.(GNB)
If you are opportune to be in school, my submission is that you shouldn’t waste it. Many have regretted doing that and many more worlds over are wishing they have the kind of chance you have. And while you at it; give it your best shot. Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.
Let me conclude with a nursery school rhyme I learnt long ago:
Good better best,
I shall never rest,
Until my good is better,
And my better best!
I hope with these few words of mine, I’ve been able to convince you on why I DON’T hate school, and love education.
Succeed. No matter how crowded the top is, there is always an extra space to accommodate YOU.
PS: in case you are still hell-bent on dropping out, please at least, make sure you are dropping out for something. But I trust you wouldn’t even bother.