This must be said.

It grieves me when I wake up early to go to work only to find another man who had woken up much longer than I did preaching to souls that need to be preached to.

I am not saddened that they preach, but I think that if you’d go through all that sacrifice to do a noble thing, then that thing should be done right.

Painting pictures of hell, creating awareness about the existence of demons isn’t what the gospel is about. In fact, a strong rebuke against sin isn’t what the gospel is about too.

All that will never CHANGE a man. Only the gospel is the saving power of God. Only the gospel CAN make men be BORN AGAIN.

Think about it…The only reason why a *danfo driver uses a seat belt is because he sees that he is approaching a Lastma official. The instance he gets past the checkpost, he throws it away like we dispose used toilet paper. The Fear of *Lastma bends him to use the seat belt, but as soon as the sight is gone, he returns to his posture as a non seat belt user.

All those sermons about hell and the rest only put fear in the hearts of men. Fear bends people’s will, it doesn’t change it. As soon as the picture you paint fades from their heart( and it will fade b’cos really, we’ve got important issues like fuel to think about too ‪#‎lol‬), they soon return to the very things you tried to save them from.600x600

The gospel is the GOOD NEWS. It is a story of LOVE and perfect love casts out all fear. The Gospel doesn’t DEMAND change from people who can’t even change in the first place, it OFFERS change to those who would BELIEVE. The gospel doesn’t say go to church, rather it says God is running back to you, open your heart to him. The Gospel doesn’t demand that you love God, it preaches that God loves you, has sent his son to die for you so you can be forgiven of ALL sins, and so you can receive NOW, eternal life.

Think of it, who wouldn’t love God back after he has received God’s love and forgiveness. And love is the fulfillment of all the Law. When we see the love God has for us, we are propelled to reciprocate the love to him and the people around us.

So the next time you decide to preach the gospel, ask yourself, is my message a GOOD news? If no, then it’s probably not news at all.

Before you repost that facebook message, will this sow the seed of LOVE in men’s heart? If it won’t, then it is probably not worth your time.


*A Danfo bus is a commercial peassenger bus popular in Lagos Nigeria

*Lastma is a traffic enforcement agency in Lagos.

coded tunes

Today, I’ll be giving my view or my take on the subject music. There has been a lot of talk about this subject particularly in recent years especially with the increased popularity of the conspiracy of the NWO( new world order) and the illuminati. I am not about to add to the list of materials about the dirty underground of the music and entertainment industry, but rather to show you how powerful music can be and why you shouldn’t listen to certain ones. There is no scientific research to my submissions here, just reports of my deep reflections and thoughts. Please, don’t just spare me your time by reading this, follow me closely as well and any comment or question afterwards can be kindly submitted at the appropriate corner at the bottom.

Before suggesting what kind of song is right or wrong, lets take an wholistic view of what a song entails first. Every song has two broad sides to it. The first side is the tune and the second is the lyrics. Most songs are like this although some have just one of this component. Both of these two sides tend to work wonders on us simultaneously.
I believe the tune or the instrumental works to soften the heart or excite it depending on the kind of genre you are listening to and the tempo of the song. But whether at a soften or excited state, the tune leaves the heart vulnerable. Thereby, it creates an opening into it; an opening for information or other ‘coded signals’ to penetrate through.
The lyrics on the other hand conveys the information the singer is trying to pass across. Words are what make up lyrics( most times that is) and words carry more than information, they are vehicles that transport attitudes, feelings, beliefs and infact spirits.
And so the trick is this, the tune is like a fore runner that prepares the way and creates an opening into the heart while the lyrics transport whatever its loaded with into the hearer.
It is generally said that we retain more of what we hear than what we read. True! Its been proven that even that which we retain in quality and quantity is tremendously boosted when there is a coded tune(music) behind it. This is the principle and reason behind teaching nursery students with rhymes. As they sing along, they unconciously learn along.
music is a very serious something and its something we shouldn’t take likely. one of the most powerful conditioning tools I know is music. Haven’t you notice that you remember and sing certain songs with ease that you didnt make delibrate efforts to learn. There are certain songs that I hate and won’t listen to for very obvious reasons that I can sing very well simply because it was played and I slightly over-heard it.
Words are quite powerful. They could mean the difference between life and death, war and peace, joy and sadness. With them God made the world and with them we can destroy or build up things. Like earlier said, they are like vehicles that convey things from speaker to hearer. Every characteristic we could ascribe to words we can also do the same with lyrics since lyrics are primarily made up of words.
Permit me to refrence a portion of the scripture that said that “as he spoke to me, the spirit entered into me”(Eze 2:2). I believe every lyric is inspired by some spirit or force, either good or bad for either good or bad. The operations of the tune and lyrics isn’t something you can conciously monitor and separate like most people claim to do by saying ‘its just the beat, I’m grooving to’ as they move almost with you not being concious at all. These spirits, attitudes, feelings and beliefs enter in stealth mode without any prior notice and then proceed to condition the mind of its hearer. They sow thoughts, thoughts generate actions, actions turn into habits and habits reap you a destiny either good or bad. Most people dont usually know how certain patterns are factored into their lifestyle but just find that their lives are producing after an order contrary to what they planned or desired and they cant help it.
This isn’t a campaign for you to change your playlist but rather an attempt to make you realize what longterm effects some songs can have on you. It is my gospel that what determines the appropraiteness of a song is the content of its lyrics.(And to some extent, the singer of the song as words and meanings could be very different at times. We’d talk about this some other time) so whether its blues, RnB, jazz, rock, afrojuju or fuji, if the words they are right and edifying or at least not damaging and destructive, then the song is right for you.
In subsequent posts, I’ll share more views on this. I hope you have enjoyed this. Please don’t forget to drop any comment, question or contribution below. Kindly reshare also on any social media platform you belong to. God bless.