Auto Pilot: how to crash a life.

I once saw a funny picture captioned- ‘dear lord, can you please borrow me 5 million Naira from my wealth in the future ‘cos i kinda have some things to sort out right now’. If i didn’t know better, that would have been my kinda prayer today.

Have you ever wished just like me that you have a remote control in your hands that could just fast forward your life 5 years into the future, into that time when you have that beautiful wife, and drive that expensive car, and live in that elegant mansion, and into when you are signatory to that robust bank account and have that good life of your dreams. Sometimes i wish i could just cut through the bullshit of the present time and live the reality of my dreams and i bet we all do.

A thought line of this nature i believe led to the production of the 2006 hit movie ‘click’. The producers of the movie clearly played out the fantasy of a lot of us and like they showed in the movie, this kind of idea is quite lofty as it is also

Here is what i mean.

In the movie, Michael Newman played by Adam Sandler was fortunate to meet an eccentric inventor who gave him a universal remote that allows him to control time. With that remote, Michael could pause, Play in slow motion or fast forward time. It looked like the perfect solution to his life problems as he could easily skip the boring moments of his existence and move into the exciting periods of his future.

There was one problem as he soon found. Skipping time meant he had to operate on auto pilot and that was costly. Let me tell you a bit about auto pilot and airplanes.  I might have not flown in a plane before, but I know quite a few things about airplanes. One of such is auto-piloting. I can credit this knowledge to movies like snake on a plane, passenger 57, soul plane, Airforce one, etc.

The Auto-pilot is a device for controlling an aircraft or other vehicle without constant human intervention. From what I’ve noticed in movies, it is basically used most often to relieve the pilot during routine cruising. It  maintains an aircraft in straight and level flight.  Since we are not engineers or aspiring pilots, we basically don’t need to know more than that. So how does this apply to life and Michael’s story?

Airplane-1300x724Lets take our lives to be airplanes that we are pilots of. Auto-piloting refers to when you are in a hands-off mode with regards the direction of your life. You are just auto-cruising and taking life as it comes. You are not putting much thought or efforts to the way you do things or respond to situations. You are not being innovative about your challenges and aspirations and you are just relying on your reserve abilities and tendencies to get through life. You are not proactive about the happenings in your life, you have become a master of the sentence ‘any how God wills it’. You are not creating the future you desire and could have but rather you are settling for a future that would be if all things remain equal. Sadly, all things are never equal. Your response to everything that happens in your life is “God wanted it that way”. When you are retired to fate in this manner, then you are on autopilot!

Auto pilot is quite fun and easy. No efforts required. Just a button and then you can go to sleep. With it you get to enjoy the luxury of selective participation.

But it is hella dangerous.

No good pilot dares switch to autopilot in the face of a storm. That’s a guaranteed suicide mission. You need all hands on deck when the slightest of storms show face. And here is the thing, life’s cruise is never without storms and challenges.

Everyday has its own challenge, every success its own joy, and every failure and pain with its lesson and wisdom. And to get the best of every passing moment of your life, you have to live through them. There is just no room for autopiloting in real life unless you want to crash.

You have to be observant, learning everything you can from every challenge faced whether you succeeded at it or failed. You have to be proactive to decide what course your life flies towards. There would be avoidable storms but only when you are on manual pilot can you avoid them or maneuver your way out of them.

The truth is that if there really is a remote that could fast forward time and you use it; you wont find yourself where you’d love to be. The future you’d find yourself wont be the one you dreamed of before using that remote. I have found that the best way to live your dreams is to create it and that can only be done through active participation in the process of you life.

I once told my younger brother something wise and i believe is quite applicable here…that the only change that occurs with time is decay. For growth and beauty, right effort must be combined with time.

In conclusion, be proactive about your life. Put thought and effort into your decisions and actions, understand the usefulness of every moment of your life and of every circumstance you find yourself in and with courage and determination, stride your way out of every storm life throws at you and come out on top like an eagle that you are.


Afolabi Soaga

coded tunes2:my tale of the modern day slaves

In my recent post ‘coded tunes’, I wrote about music; the songs, singers and their effect on the people who listen to them which is perhaps everybody. I’ve seen people who don’t like watching tv, some detest video games, others can’t stand the boredom of movies, and most people can’t even finish a reading a short piece like this. But world-over, I’m yet to find someone who doesn’t have ears for music. In fact to some laudable musical production, even deaf men would tap their feet and move their hips. Music is a part of our makeup. Its something we can’t survive without…well said, someone called it the food of the human soul. Quite obviously, some of us have more affinity for it than others; some will object to some genre or type of music, but we all have love for one type of music or the other.
The major theme of my last post is that what determines the appropriateness of a song is its lyrics because lyrics are composed of words and words are containers that transfer certain stuffs that have the ability to influence the course of our lives…and I’m glad many of my readers agree with me.
Today, I write a part 2 to that. Please don’t get offended at my strong ‘churchy’ disposition in this article if you are of a different faith. I’m simply communicating what I strongly believe, and I believe also that regardless of your religion or faith, you can learn one or two things from here too.
Some people believe the days of slavery are long past. They think it is something deposed to just the history books but some few others majorly those that have broken out of it or those that are what I call the modern-day-slave-masters themselves, are very aware of its existence. The unfortunate thing about this tale is that the slaves are the ones who are totally ignorant of their predicament. Hold up….don’t exempt yourself yet. True facts like this are not to be fought or denied, but rather addressed.
No slave puts his head voluntary under the yoke, God made mankind for dominion and anything that opposes that natural order of things will be by all means resisted. But like in all cases, this modern day slavery is usually forced upon men or subtly suggested or imposed on them. When the slaves don’t know they are in bondage, then they don’t know they ought to fight it or how. A man who doesn’t know he has a problem has the greatest problem. Such a man will always insist he doesn’t have that problem, and that exactly is the problem. Their insisting they don’t have the problem doesn’t make the problem go, but rather creates for them an even bigger problem. This is the case of the music slaves. They are the 21st century modern slaves and sadly majority of today’s young population are.
There is a huge hypothetical 80% chance that you’ve heard about NWO. It means the new world order. Even if you haven’t, there is at least a 90% probability that you’ve heard about the illuminati. Both refer to a particular group of people with a plan to control the entire world. Control here isn’t the same as governance. It’s not a democracy, neither is it a socialist system. It’s a plan to make all others subservient while they rule. It is a plan to form a government outside the government that will govern the government and control all people of the world.
There are countless materials about this conspiracy out there and you have probably seen a few. Well, I don’t think everything everybody is saying is true like I noted in my preceding article, but i do believe some are. It is said that in every rumor, there exists an iota of truth. It will do you good to take some of it serious.
These people already occupy top positions in major systems and industries in the world and have been there for ages. The truth is that they have actually been controlling things for a while now. The scripture confirms it. The bible says that the world is controlled by the prince of the air which is the devil(john16:11). It is his will that is being carried out here on earth. That explains why we have all the wars and death and terrible ungodly bills being passed into law. Jesus asked that we pray that God’s kingdom comes and that his will be done here as it is in heaven. That clearly suggest that there is a difference between how God’s will is being carried out here and over there in heaven. What he therefore meant is that we should pray for a time when the systems of this world will be in full subjection to God’s word and will. It is a gradual plan that God is working out through the church, and the devil with his agents (like sects and gangs like this and some others) are going to try to resist. They want to run the world for as long as is possible and scripture advises that we shouldn’t be ignorant of how they do and intend to operate. For if we, the salt of the earth are slaves of their systems, how then can we save the world. If we are under their yoke, then what hope does the world have? Because for a Moses to save the Israelites, he has to stop being an Egyptian.
So, when God wants to recruit his own generals, he changes first their citizenship. That’s why the bible reminds us that our citizenship is in heaven; that we are in this world, but are not from it. We are from a different country, sent here by God to repossess the land that is rightfully ours and that we will do, as God helps us. But to do this, one of our primary assignments and goal is to stay clear of their control.
The first strategy of any battle camp is to control the enemy before destroying them. That explains why Satan asked Jesus to bow to him first before later crucifying him. He sought to make him subject to his authority, before attempting to eliminate his existence. So gradually, subtly, they will come to you and try to control you too. In fact, they will enter the church too, become pastors, teachers and leaders just to carry out this plan. But Jesus warned us already to watch out for them and this we must do with all diligence.
They will not just infiltrate the church and the government but every industry and systems of the world. They’ll try taking over the banks, the school, the military, and of course the entertainment industry.
It must be said, music is important to us just as it is to God. It is said to be food for the soul. Imagine the world without music; the earth will probably stop spinning round its axis! Not everyone watches TV, not everyone plays video games, but hardly will you find someone without ears for music. Those that can’t afford to buy for themselves CDs from notable artistes, create music for themselves no matter how terrible it might sound. That need for the melody must be met one way or the other.
Especially we young people. We seem to love songs more. We don’t just love music, we love those that create it for us. We don’t just love them, we idolize them. We don’t stop at downloading their songs from the internet; we download their pictures too and make it our wallpaper. We follow their stories and lives in the news. We argue about who is better and some even go to the extent of fighting over them. We play all sorts of genre of music at our parties, hangouts, clubs, etc. There are few better ways to entertain us apart from music and there are also few better ways to control us apart from it. And this is a fact devil knows well.
I am sure like earlier said that it is no news that this powerful sect controls the music industry. We hear tales of how every major player in the music industry has sold his/her soul to the devil. (Most of us don’t really understand what this really means. In simple terms, it is just the same way you sold your soul to Jesus by confessing him as lord; that is if you are a christian. It is very serious. Its implication is that he owns you; you have a covenant with him. You’ve pledge allegiance to his army, he is your general and you are bound by oath to follow his orders). We have heard these tales over and over again such that it is already stale in our minds. In fact many of them have by themselves openly admitted to this fact that they are devil worshipers and are under his influence. Many of us too claim to believe these things, but we act as if we don’t. It startles my mind that despite all these facts on the ground, we still listen to their music, attend their concerts, follow them on social media, and celebrate these so called celebrities. We know they are of the devil; we know they have terrible plans; we hate the devil and don’t want to have anything to do with him; yet we follow these people almost blindly. Many of us don’t want to listen to them anymore, but we just can’t help it. “After all, that is the only music available” we say. So majority of us just choose to either deny or ignore the obvious so far the harm it is doing is not easily seen or noticed.
The reason is not far fetched. There is no better way to define slavery than this. Anything that rides upon your will, or that you don’t have absolute control over is your master, and you are his slave. If, you don’t have absolute will-power over the music you listen to, then you are a slave to that music. If you deny your conscience by listening to what somewhere deep in your heart you know is wrong, or if you say, well I know all these things and it is my absolute choice to listen to them, you are still a slave. Reason is because the strategy of slavers is to either suppress the will of their subjects while imposing theirs or them, or to suggest their will to their subjects through diverse manipulations and make them willfully adopt it in ignorance. In whichever case, there is an exchange of will with one party oppressing and the other being oppressed, knowingly or unknowingly.
This is not a campaign to change your playlist but rather a challenge to examine your life. Are you in really in control or is some other force outside yourself doing the controlling for you. If it is the latter, then you obviously got to do something about it.
I encourage you to re-examine your life….is it what you dreamt about years back? If yes, big congratulations. If otherwise, then you might need to retrace your steps and one area you might need to make serious adjustments in is in what and who you listen to. Don’t settle for less, you deserve the best life possible.
Soaga Afolabi Olusegun

coded tunes

Today, I’ll be giving my view or my take on the subject music. There has been a lot of talk about this subject particularly in recent years especially with the increased popularity of the conspiracy of the NWO( new world order) and the illuminati. I am not about to add to the list of materials about the dirty underground of the music and entertainment industry, but rather to show you how powerful music can be and why you shouldn’t listen to certain ones. There is no scientific research to my submissions here, just reports of my deep reflections and thoughts. Please, don’t just spare me your time by reading this, follow me closely as well and any comment or question afterwards can be kindly submitted at the appropriate corner at the bottom.

Before suggesting what kind of song is right or wrong, lets take an wholistic view of what a song entails first. Every song has two broad sides to it. The first side is the tune and the second is the lyrics. Most songs are like this although some have just one of this component. Both of these two sides tend to work wonders on us simultaneously.
I believe the tune or the instrumental works to soften the heart or excite it depending on the kind of genre you are listening to and the tempo of the song. But whether at a soften or excited state, the tune leaves the heart vulnerable. Thereby, it creates an opening into it; an opening for information or other ‘coded signals’ to penetrate through.
The lyrics on the other hand conveys the information the singer is trying to pass across. Words are what make up lyrics( most times that is) and words carry more than information, they are vehicles that transport attitudes, feelings, beliefs and infact spirits.
And so the trick is this, the tune is like a fore runner that prepares the way and creates an opening into the heart while the lyrics transport whatever its loaded with into the hearer.
It is generally said that we retain more of what we hear than what we read. True! Its been proven that even that which we retain in quality and quantity is tremendously boosted when there is a coded tune(music) behind it. This is the principle and reason behind teaching nursery students with rhymes. As they sing along, they unconciously learn along.
music is a very serious something and its something we shouldn’t take likely. one of the most powerful conditioning tools I know is music. Haven’t you notice that you remember and sing certain songs with ease that you didnt make delibrate efforts to learn. There are certain songs that I hate and won’t listen to for very obvious reasons that I can sing very well simply because it was played and I slightly over-heard it.
Words are quite powerful. They could mean the difference between life and death, war and peace, joy and sadness. With them God made the world and with them we can destroy or build up things. Like earlier said, they are like vehicles that convey things from speaker to hearer. Every characteristic we could ascribe to words we can also do the same with lyrics since lyrics are primarily made up of words.
Permit me to refrence a portion of the scripture that said that “as he spoke to me, the spirit entered into me”(Eze 2:2). I believe every lyric is inspired by some spirit or force, either good or bad for either good or bad. The operations of the tune and lyrics isn’t something you can conciously monitor and separate like most people claim to do by saying ‘its just the beat, I’m grooving to’ as they move almost with you not being concious at all. These spirits, attitudes, feelings and beliefs enter in stealth mode without any prior notice and then proceed to condition the mind of its hearer. They sow thoughts, thoughts generate actions, actions turn into habits and habits reap you a destiny either good or bad. Most people dont usually know how certain patterns are factored into their lifestyle but just find that their lives are producing after an order contrary to what they planned or desired and they cant help it.
This isn’t a campaign for you to change your playlist but rather an attempt to make you realize what longterm effects some songs can have on you. It is my gospel that what determines the appropraiteness of a song is the content of its lyrics.(And to some extent, the singer of the song as words and meanings could be very different at times. We’d talk about this some other time) so whether its blues, RnB, jazz, rock, afrojuju or fuji, if the words they are right and edifying or at least not damaging and destructive, then the song is right for you.
In subsequent posts, I’ll share more views on this. I hope you have enjoyed this. Please don’t forget to drop any comment, question or contribution below. Kindly reshare also on any social media platform you belong to. God bless.

I am old and single and this is why

Its another Sunday and It’s a privilege to be here sharing a little of what life has taught me with you again. Last Tuesday was my birthday. Days like that are good for reflecting on your life. Where you are, where you were and where you are going to. At times like this, we tend to also count those things we’ve achieved and the ones we are yet to. Unfortunately For me, one of those things I did count is the fact that I am still very single. Fortunately, I was also able to discover the reason why.

This is also probably the reason why you are still single. And if you don’t do something about this, you will most likely remain single for a long while. And if you are lucky enough to have gotten someone already, its probably why you are heading for a separation now or eventually.

And there is a danger attached to being single for too long. when time expires like it will eventually, most people get frustrated with their singleness and in such broken and frustrated state, drift towards the wrong person, get frustrated in such relationship, and later frustrated out of the relationship and thus begin and continue a cycle of Hollywood-type of multiple make-up’s and break-ups. I don’t want this at all plus where I come from, this is simply not cool. You can indeed have a fairy tale kind of relationship of happily ever after with this principle I am about to share. 

So what’s the big secret? I discovered that a lot of people are single simply because they are selfish. Simple as it may sound, it is very true and just hang on a little while and I’ll tell you why. Yes, people are not single because they are poor (many rich people are seriously still searching), nor because they are ugly (I am the cutest guy I know and like earlier pointed, I am still very single; ladies please take note), neither is it because they are not intelligent, excellent or neat, all these seem like good reasons but I believe one major reason which is mostly undetected is because they are selfish.

This selfishness has nothing to do with their willingness to share of their wealth or time or any other thing they possess, but rather their unwillingness to compromise on their standards or bend to the the needs and standards of their intended spouse or partner. Most of us approach romance majorly with thoughts of what we want and require in others and not what they can give or what they need. My dictionary defines selfishness as concerned with your own interests, needs, and wishes while ignoring those of others



Many people obviously think that the opposite of love is hate. Wrong! The opposite of love isn’t hate but self-centeredness. And since love is what we all look for in romance, its opposite is the number enemy of romance. It is the reason many can find ‘suitable’ partners and also the main reson for most breakups and divorces.

Most people approach relationships with certain set/ expected standards. But more often than not, reality doesn’t present us with perfect matches of round pegs inside round holes. People are not like dresses in which you can always find a perfect match whenever you go to the dress shop. More often than not, with people you’d have to make adjustments for the sake of love. Those that are not willing to compromise willingly and knowledgeably are forced to compromise to even more debased standards eventually or remain single for very long period of time because there are simple no perfect people or perfect matches anywhere. Only of course in Hollywood and that’s probably why they have so many breakups.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having standards and check lists of what you want in a potential partner. You should know what you want and go for it. Someone rightly said once that if you make up your mind to settle for nothing less than the best at all times, you’d get it very often; however you need to come to terms that in relationships with people, and romance in particular, it’s not all about you. It takes two to tango. So for a real relationship, there can’t just be one check list, there has to be two and those boxes must match. And you may not always find a perfect match and so you have to sometimes compromise by removing some boxes from your list and meeting the requirements of the boxes of someone else’s. 

Personally, I have always wanted a fantastic partner who my friends will tell me I am really lucky to have. Everybody wants that and so does the person I want to be with. What this implies is that as much as I expect her to satisfy some conditions so also does she expect same from me. If I am then only concerned about her meeting my standards and have no plans of meeting hers there would be clashes and mismatches. It is often said that you can’t find a 100% spouse anywhere but many men while chasing such fantasies have missed out on their 90% best. Don’t be like them, be wise.

The great apostle paul of the bible said that he became a jew to the jews and greek to the greeks so that he can gain something. I like to explain that he was simply measuring up to the standards of where he found himself so as to obtain desired results. This is a general law of relationships. Its either you measure up and sometimes down like this or you’ll get left out. There are certain places you go to where wearing anything other than a black suit would be simply ludicrous and there are also places where wearing that would make people not take you seriously. That’s how people are; that’s how relationships are too. It is what life’s variety entail.

But in explaining this concept of the variety of life and our ability to measure up/down by intelligent compromise, I like to always emphasize that no matter how considerate a man chooses to be, excellence at any level should not be compromised upon. So whether you are greek or jew, be an excellent one. So don’t just accept just anything for the sake of compromise that will eventually still make you end up single. Like earlier said, if you won’t settle for less, you can get the the best. But nonetheless, intelligent compromise is usually needed for relationships to start and work. Let me give this example to buttress this point. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; but there are certain beauties that are in the eye of every beholder. Permit me to use this example, but take a look at beyonce; even a blind man knows she’s hot! She might not be the most beautiful woman in the world but if beauty is on your checklist, theen she passes for an excellent score and thus a worthy compromise to accept.

I’ll conclude with a profound thought my lecturer shared in class recently, he said “in the game of love, conditions shouldn’t come first”. You can always disprove that but always remember, people will always have flaws; after all you have yours too. As long as they are willing to change and improve, you sometimes might need to be tolerant of their flaws just as much as you need people to be tolerant of yours. Stop being selfish and start being considerate. I the end, if you remain selfish, its your own loss not anybody else. Be willing to adjust when you have to and I assure you that sooner or later, you find that one imperfect human (just like you are) that is perfect for you.

Well let me answer a likely question of your heart. Since I made my own adjustment, have I found anybody? Well, the truthful answer is no. but one thing I am very certain about is that I am at least I’m a step closer to being more than single and you would too if you join me on this cruise off selfishness into the island of true love. I’ll keep trying to find out other possible reaImagesons and I’ll keep sharing too. When it eventually happens I’ll let you all know. Till then…………….

I remain me.