diversity of failure

In joshua 1vs8, the bible made mention of the compound word ‘good success’. Thanks to many charismatic preachers, we have been able to establish that if there is good success, then there must be other types of success.
Failure could be said to be the opposite of success. And if what is good for the goose is also good for the gander, then failure too could be said to have various forms.
Below are some. They could be more and with time I would update the list. But these few should suffice for now and pass a message across.

1. Successful failure:(noun) a man who fails to plan, plans to fail. Such a man succeeds well at his failure.

2. Complete failure: (noun)a man who because he is trying to please everybody fail at his task and also at his desire and intention to please everybody because everybody can’t be pleased.

3. Renowned failure: (noun)a man who is known for his failure by himself and sometimes by others simply because he fails to learn from them and as such, continues to repeat them. Such a man could also be called A fool.

That would be all for now. You could add your own in the comment space below. The message here is to not be any of the stuffs described above.

So plan so you don’t end up being a successful failure, realize all men can’t be pleased so don’t live life solely to please people so you don’t end up a complete failure and learn so you don’t earn yourself a name as a renowned failure.
Soaga Afolabi O.

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the maximin approach to the start small theory

Ever had anyone advice you to always start small and then build whatever project or business you have into a big deal. Well I have… and for a long while even though I see sense in what they are saying, I have always struggled with settling with that in my mind. Some may call it greed, others ambition, all I can say is that I like big stuff, I have big dreams and I serve a big God too( and he does things big). So an advice to do anything small is usually a bit difficult for me to accept or settle for.
So today, I wanna do a little challenging of this ancient advice. I’m not really disputing its credibility because for as long as I know, many big things today started small; but then I want to take a more critical and analytical look at the theory so as to come to terms with what it really means. I’m gonna take a differing perspective looking at the same concept and draw up possible new (innovative and not necessarily inventive) meanings from it.
This is my take:
The idea behind the theory I believe is that there is and should always be room for improvement. What this implies is that things can grow and would grow; all things being equal, if given time. Therefore, size shouldn’t stop you from starting a business project or acting on your idea because when you launch out and do what you are supposed to do, in time it would grow.
The other idea behind this wisdom is to prevent people from procrastination. You should begin with what you have and from where you are. The need to have it big usually prevents people from starting and if you don’t start, how can one achieve anything or succeed?
Its 3rd emphasis I also belief is contentment. Ambition without contentment is what births greed. Ambition I would call a virtue but without any form of contest, greed is obviously a vice. So by starting small, it shows that while in pursuit of the big things ahead, one can be contented enough with whatever he has no matter how small and thus not despise the days of little beginnings. Contentment always holds great promises for us but greed sooner or later fails. Just like impatience, it may work for you at some point and earn you things, but one day, sooner or later, it will be the source of trouble, delay, and problems for you if you keep it at it.
Small is a relative term. You’d agree with me that what bill gates will call ‘chicken change’ is no chicken anything to most of us. So what qualifies a thing as small isn’t the thing itself but rather the person qualifying it. So if you are starting a business, your starting capital could be a million dollars or just a thousand naira….both could be small or big depending on who’s looking at it. Likewise when you are searching for your first employment; small could be a 6 digit salary or a humble 4 digit figure.
In the same vein, ‘big’ which is what small is supposed to grow into is very relative. So the guy who started ‘small’ by earning N150,000 could say in 5 years grow into earning N5,000,000(which we will now call big) while the other one who started with just N9500 could grow big and start earning N120000 in 5 years. They both started small and grew big but the terms small and big are relative.

And so I believe that starting small shouldn’t be an excuse to justify and glorify mediocrity or non-excellence like most people nowadays do. Under the cover of starting small they refuse to maximize opportunities and potentials. So they believe (or at least act as if they do) it has to be bad first before it gets better forgetting that the true trend and flow of things is good-better-best and not bad-better-okay. Like it is usually said, good is usually the enemy of best and we have seen people abandon the best to settle for just good just because they want to start small.
My question to you today is this. Who says your first job as to be a crappy one? Or that your first car must be a jalopy? Can’t your small be so good and yet still get better?
My submission basically is this: yes, it is good to start small and to always begin with what you have where you are; but while starting small, make sure you adopt what we call in risk assessment the MAXIMIN approach. i.e. go for the best among the least. Start small, but make sure it is your best small and not just any small. Since the goal is to eliminate procrastination, ensure you do just that. While seeking out your best-small; avoid or reduce procrastination to the bearest minimum and while eliminating procrastination, keep in mind the consequences of undue haste and so balance up your planning, targeting, and timing between undue haste and procrastination.
In all you do, never lose sight of the need of excellence. A famous movie I watched some yearsback had this to say about excellence- pursue after excellence and then real success will chase you all around. Shun mediocrity with all your heart. If you wanna dream, dream big, start the biggest you can. Aim for the moon because even if you miss it, you’ll land among the stars. Never settle for anything less than what you could have had or been
And regardless of where you start, keep striving to grow bigger and bigger because there is always room for growth. When we stop growing, we start dying. It is the nature of life to grow if the right conditions are available…so keep creating the right atmosphere and conditions for growth. When that is in place, growth is always automatic regardless of size and level.
Truth is, if 2 different people start the same business, with the same set of skills and management strategy; all other things kept equal, the person with better capital for instance, 10yrs down the line probably has a better chance at more success than the other guy. I believe it’s better to start from 100 than to start from 1. If you can start from 100, it is laziness and mediocrity to be satisfied with 1, but if all you have is 1 and if that’s truly the best you can do, then 1 is the golden number for you to begin from.
With this, I hope I’ve been able to convince and not confusr you about the start small theory. I hope to develop this into a mini e-book soon. You guys would be the first to hear if I do. Any questions or comments could be directed to me via the reply feature underneath. Also please endeavour to share this link with your other friends and colleagues. Thanks and God bless!
Soaga Afolabi Olusegun

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clutter: guttermost or uttermost

What we call store room in most homes and offices is actually where we have chosen to keep all our clutters. Clutters refer to those numerous possessions we have but don’t really need, or those we no longer use but then for some strange reason or the other, have simply refused to dispose.
In elementary science, I remember being taught that matter is anything that has weight and occupies space. Well, I have reached a conclusion that this definition applies to our subject matter today. Clutters have weight and occupy precious space; Space that ought to be used for something else is what most of us use to store up unnecessary clutter. One obstacle to progress and increase in life I believe is clutter. Clutter isn’t meant to be kept, but rather thrown away. And the following few paragraphs will attempt to convince you on why you clear your homes, offices and yes heart of all that is unnecessary.
Although, Clutters generally refer to materials and stuffs, but in the context I am writing from, it could also mean habits, character behaviour, desires, goals and ambitions. The morale and what needs to be done is the same. Whether it’s an idle ambition or an old skateboard, or some familiar habit, or that old shirt in your wardrobe; all clutter pose the same problem and so require the same type of counter measure.
You have probably heard about the sermon on the old wine bottle and new wine (Luke 5). These 2 Jesus taught are non-compactible. They simply can’t go together. If new wine is gonna come, old wine bottle must go. And this applies also to other life in general because if new stuffs will come in, old stuffs must go. Unaware to most people, the Clutters we keep prevent new stuff from coming in. if new stuff meets clutter inside your home, there would be chaos everywhere. And so the new prefers to stay away until you make room for it.
But then, have you ever wondered why do people tend to keep clutter? I learnt something called the revealed preference hypothesis in micro economics. Basically, this says if the new is better, the new is preferred. And this is the psychological reasoning of every rational person. So everyone wants better and everyone wants the new. So if clutter keeps stuff from coming in, why do people still keep it? The great rabbi Jesus also reasoned along this line and proffered some answer to this. He explained that no one who takes the old wine straightaway desires the new because he will feel the old is better. This is a classical problem of the human mind.
This is what I call an illusion of abundance. It has been our general assumption that having is always better than not having and that half bread is always better than none. But in reality, half bread at times is what keeps full bread from coming in. our human nature of always wanting and acquiring has mis-programmed us such that we are deceived into thinking we have abundance when we don’t dispose unnecessary stuff away. But then, it is only an illusion because that abundance is of little or no use and so doesn’t profit or bring gain. The truth however is that plenty doesn’t always represent prosperity and there are times when less is more.
There is a law that says until there is a release, there can’t be an increase. Jesus told his disciples that there is a man that scatters and yet increases but another that gathers and yet tends to nothing. The illusion that this false abundance brings is only temporary because we soon discover (even though we mostly choose to disbelieve) that the clutters we have refused to let go of so it can cause new to come in soon becomes so stale that without choice it has to go but this time it is without the ability to reproduce and cause new things to come in.

Change is not always without pain and sacrifice but still yet it is one thing I life that is inevitable. Everything changes with time either for the better or the worse. When we don’t allow for positive change that though painful, makes us better; then negative change which is even more painful would be imposed on us.
A seed needs to be killed for it to reproduce. A seed not released and sowed (killed) cannot reproduce itself. And seed just like opportunities have life span. When stored longer than necessary, they become stale and unable to reproduce. When your seed goes stale, it becomes a total loss. You can make that clutter a seed. Its your choice; will you rather sow it and let it multiply or keep it while it decays and rusts away.
In conclusion, your old wine or clutter are not necessary bad things or spoilt things nor are they bad habits or failed goals and ambitions. They could be good stuff. They don’t just refer to obsolete possessions of yours; in fact at times they might still very useful stuff. Yet, we still need to let them go. Realize this, the best enemy of the best at times is the good and so if we let go of these good stuffs, better ones can come.
The message here is to clear our clutter. Get rid of the unnecessary and stale. Give away the ones you can, sell some and others are best in the dustbin. Check your habits too. Some don’t make for greatness. Get rid of them too. Re-examine your vision, goals and ambition. Some of them need to be re-casted; others are just not in tune with what God as revealed to you as his intentions for you. No matter how wonderful they are, let them go. Re-appraise your knowledge base. The illiterate of this century are not those who can’t read or write, but rather those that can’t learn, un-learn and re-learn. Equip your mind and be willing to let some things go so that better ones can come in.
To go up, we need to give up. When we release we increase. When we clear our clutter, it moves us from the gutters to the utters of life. It teleports us from the lowest grounds we might have been struggling in to life’s peak and zenith. It’s your time to shine. Succeed
Soaga Afolabi

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shift: from backseat to center stage

I recently told a friend that if people tell you after seeing you for the first time after a long while of no contact that you haven’t changed, you shouldn’t regard it as a compliment but as a remark of failure. Abraham Lincoln said once that “I don’t think much of a man who isn’t wiser today than he was yesterday”. And so in the church I attend, it’s our custom to conclude each service by saying to ourselves ‘every day and in every way, I’m getting better and better’.

I pleased to say that this has been the testimony of my life. I’ve moved from being that guy that sits at the backseats of meetings to the man who owns the centre stage. You might have heard me say it before that there was a point in my life I could barely speak to one person, talk less of addressing a crowd, but today I look forward to opportunities to speak before multitudes of any size. In fact the bigger the crowd, the more excited I am about speaking. I’d love to share some of the keys that helped me practically break out of that limitation timidity placed on me. If you want to build your self-esteem, confidence and move from back seats to having the spot light on you, you could also adopt them.

First, solve your identity crisis and come to terms with who you are. When a man identifies the purpose for his life and the reasons for his existence, then and only then can he move from merely existing to really living life. To solve this crisis, ask yourself the following questions.
Who am I?
Why am I here?
What do I have?
What can I do?
Where am I going to?
Providing answers to this both spiritually and otherwise will start you along the path of self-confidence. There is something that makes you unique and special, when you find it, it will transform the way you view yourself and view things and people around you. Discover your purpose

Second, build your knowledge base. One of the reasons why some people can’t face a crowd is usually because they don’t have anything to say. A lot changed for me when I started reading books. Even the bible tells us plainly, that knowledge puffs up (1cor8:1).i.e. It has the inherent ability to make proud and boost confidence. Pride is evidently not a good thing but confidence is a quality characteristic to develop. Seek to know; when you know, you’d be known. Not because you’d be shouting your name on the rooftop, but there is a way knowledge announces itself. Remember, when the clouds are full, they empty on the earth. In the account of job, Elihu was too loaded with sound knowledge to be timid in the presence of Job and his friends.

Thirdly, work and earn yourself some cash. If you aren’t already doing this, you need to start planning to. There is something money being in your Pocket does to even the way you walk. It just has a way of influencing you and boosting your confidence. Being rich even has a way a people and crowd respond to you. Trust me, there is no easier audience to face than a willing and receptive one.

Fourthly, make impact. Do something with your life and touch someone’s heart no matter how little that touch is. There is a kind of feeling that helping someone especially when they can’t repay you gives you that nothing else does. It could be of your knowledge, skill, substance, time or whatever it is that you can use to be a blessing. I can assure you that as you do your confidence and esteem would grow and grow.

Last but not the least is to know God. This has worked wonders for me. In all sincerity, life really started for me when I got to know God for myself. Not just knowing about him like I did all my life, I got to really know him. Not as what the pastor or books said, nor what friends suggested, but what my spirit came to understand. I came to a realization of his plans for me, his will, and his love and that revolutionized the way I perceived myself. I’m not talking mere religion as I do not regard myself a religious fellow but a personal deep rooted knowing of who your creator is to you.

A mixture of these 5 keys alongside some other principles that time, space, and purpose will not permit me to tell here was my recipe for breaking out of timidity into the realm of good esteem and confidence. It basically moved me from the backseat to the centre stage. With this basic 5, I’m sure any timid man can be transformed. If I who was the least of timid people could get over it, so can you. I charge you to go for it, do what you’ve gotta and be what you ought to. Don’t be satisfied with the status quo timidity and shyness limits you to. Remember, our greatest fear isn’t that we are inadequate, but that we are more powerful, beyond what we can phantom. Be the best you. Succeed!

Afolabi Soaga.

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AP: lincoln’s real secret to success.

Probably the greatest example of persistence is Abraham Lincoln. If you want to learn about somebody who didn’t quit, look no further. But is persistence the only lesson we can learn from one of the greatest presidents america has ever had? I don’t think so.

Here is a sketch of Lincoln’s road to the White House and underneath it is a brief comment on some other things I think we can learn from him.
1816: His family was forced out of their home. He had to work to support them.
1818: His mother died.
1831: Failed in business.
1832: Ran for state legislature – lost.
1832: Also lost his job – wanted to go to law school but couldn’t get in.
1833: Borrowed some money from a friend to begin a business and by the end of the year he was bankrupt. He spent the next 17 years of his life paying off this debt.
1834: Ran for state legislature again – won.
1838: Sought to become speaker of the state legislature – defeated.
1840: Sought to become elector – defeated.
1843: Ran for Congress – lost.
1846: Ran for Congress again – this time he won – went to Washington and did a good job.
1848: Ran for re-election to Congress – lost.
1849 Sought the job of land officer in his home state – rejected.
1854: Ran for Senate of the United States – lost.
1856: Sought the Vice-Presidential nomination at his party’s national convention – got less than 100 votes.
1858: Ran for U.S. Senate again – again he lost.
1860: Elected president of the United States.
Lincoln himself once said “My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure” For a man who lived the life just narrated above, its clear he was speaking from experience and that he lived his own advice. I however believe that his discontent with failure not only moved him to try again, but also to learn, un-learn and re-learn certain things.

Ordinarily, we’ve been taught that persistent was the major tool he used in his life and somehow we have believed it was the only tool. But I discovered that persistence alone can’t achieve much. A wise man commented once that “it is foolishness to do the same thing the same way and expect a different result”. If you persistently do things the wrong way, you’ll consistently be wrong and you’d consistently fail.

I discovered that lincoln was a progressive learner. He learnt new strategies and increased in wisdom. And though he was persistent in his pursuits, he understood the importance of growth. He didn’t allow failure at one exam stop him from preparing for another. He kept on advancing and progressing, seeking greater things. Contesting for higher positions showed that he didn’t remain at one level of development as what is required to contest at stage 2 is always higher than that at stage 1.

We need opportunities for success; and opportunity comes to everyone. But opportunity alone is not enough, as opportunity without corresponding strength, ability and preparation would end up being a waste. Benjami disreali said that “the secret to success is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes”.

There is such a thing as active patience(AP). Its something we all have to learn. It is what makes persistence profitable. It means doing the required things while being persistent. It is taking the bull by the horn and not just waiting for life to swing luck your way. It is understanding that opportunity is attracted like a magnet to those actively positioned for it. This is what distinguished lincoln and what made him a success. Whether you fail or succeed, there is always something you need to do to maintain or repeat success. Success is never automatic.

So the message today is this: keep learning, growing, and improving. Acquire new strategies, there are times when winning strategies fail (for the first time). Don’t just relax and call it persistence. Great men who make impact and register themselves in life’s history books are always on the offensive. Lincoln was a learner; you should be too.

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identity crisis: chasing shadows

It’s a funny world we are living in. Most of us will laugh at a kid chasing his shadow without recognizing that as grown-ups we pretty much do the same. Let me paint a scenario of how most of us live our lives using a fictional classroom. Its worthy to note that although this exact case may be a pure product of my imagination, it is however the true life scenario of most classrooms around the world.
My story is about Taye. He is a young bright kid but he is somehow dis-satisfied with his life and is always trying his best and doing all he can to be like david his class mate. David is a cool boy, but he believes sam is ‘cooler’ and so he is trying to be like sam. Sam hasn’t been having the best grades in school and his parents are not too pleased with him. In fact, just the other day his mom compared him with his classmate Biodun who happens to live 2 blocks away. Ever since then, it has been Sam’s life goal to be like biodun. Biodun on the other hand is not the smartest in the class. Though his grades have been high, they are still nothing compared to Mofe’s grades. Mofe is the class leader. He always wins the prize but seems to be nothing more after that. He craves to be more sociable and so he is trying hard as well to be like Taye who in Mofe’s opinion seems to have a good balance of a social life while doing well on his academics.
Well, most people would probably not get the gist of the story here but if you followed the story well to the end without getting lost with the names and all, you’d notice that we began this story with taye and ended the story with that same taye. The point here is that Taye, the dis-satisfied boy who was trying to be like somebody else was all along only trying to be himself because down the line those he was trying to be like were all trying indirectly or directly to be like him. The disastifaction he felt indicates that he wass failing terribly at it. He was chasing his own shadow!
Truth is God made everyone of us as originals but many people die trying to be fakes; who we are not. The easiest thing to be in the world should be ourselves but ironically it is the singular thing many people fail at. The problem with trying to be what we are not is that we do a really poor job at it. And the problem with trying to be ourselves( by looking at our shadow) is that we end up being someone else. The best we can be in being someone else is second best.
One thing I’m absolutely sure you can do better than everyone else in the world and everyone that has ever lived is being yourself. And we should not struggle to do it. Once it becomes a struggle, then you’ve probably gone off course. What I’m trying to get across is- just be yourself. Don’t try to be yourself; just be it. Its the best thing you could be. At the peak of maslov’s theory of human need is self actualization. Its everyone’s basic goal. However, Foundational to that is self discovery and self expression( being one’s self and nt someone else). Without these, self actualization is totally imposible. Your life is a gift from God. Accept it, embrace it and treat it as such. Succeed!
Soaga Afolabi Olusegun

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Ego: pride versus self-esteem

Hello dear reader, thank you for visiting this page today. If this is your first time, I hope you find it inspiring and motivating and that you learn some few stuffs from here; and if you have been here before, I hope you get a better experience than you had the first time you visited.
Today I’ll be sharing some perspective on the subject of ego. I’m sure you’ve met someone that possess one. And I understand that it could be quite annoying sometimes. But more than we like to admit it, every morning we stand in front of the mirror, the person we see in front of us also has got some ego.
In truth, there is actually nothing wrong in having one. Just as much as a lion prides Itself in being the king of the jungle, our ego is also the justified pride we have for being created in God’s image and for being the most sophisticated of all creature of the universe.
Our Ego could actually be described as a road that could lead to 2 paths. One is a good self esteem which is required for any self achievement, and the other is pride or arrogance which is certain to lead to self destruction. When a man’s ego leads him to the latter path, he becomes a symbol of Offense to those that are around him.
I have a wonderful teenage brother who has been going through some tough challenges in recent years. He also happens to have a very big ego. He is often offended when my mom compares him with some of his colleagues. It really hurts his pride. And not just comparism, its almost like every lil’ challenge does. I have found my brother always trying to defend his ego to the best of his his best ability. And we all do at some point. Every time we give an excuse for something, that is exactly what we are doing. Whenever something tries to hurt Our ego, we take it as a personal responsibilty to defend it. But that’s so much of a waste of time and energy. Its just Like you giving the hungry man fish without teaching him how to fish by himself. you’d have to keep doing that and sooner or later it will really wear you out. A better option is to Show him how to catch fish so that when next he is hungry, it will not be your own problem since he knows where to look. A bad option is to neglect him completely because sooner or later he’ll steal your rest and peace or in the least your own fish.
Likewise, Instead of trying to protect your ego or defending It everytime someone or something tries to bruise it, why not empower and build it up to defend itself. You can build your ego up through worthwhile achievement and success. The more progress you make in life the more value you have, and the stronger Your ego gets. People that spend time defending themselves don’t usually create or find enough Time to empower themselves and do things that we bring them success. When you succeed, your ego will soar by itself and comparism or competition won’t bother you.
In conclusion, caution must be taken. There is a thin line between self-esteem and pride. They are the two opposite Sides of the ego coin and success is like a flip of that coin and care must be taken to choose deliberately which side you land on. Even if uncontrollably it lands on the wrong side, wisdom demands you make neccessary adjustments as One could lead to more success while the other is sure to take you nose-diving to the ground. Pride corrupts success and you must Beware of it!

Soaga afolabi o

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my whole life in summary.(my thoughts)

My birthday is coming up soon, tuesday to be more precise. I look forward to not just a wonderful day, but a wonderful new year in my life. The countdown has started already and in view of this, I’ll love to share something very personal to me. It is like my personal mission statement. My thoughts With some extra commentaries under each main point. Count it as my birthday special!

Ponder upon them and I hope they make if not all, but some of the meaning they’ve made in my own life.

1.live your life!
stop living life like you are running somewhere.
Death shouldn’t be an escape plan like prison break.( Life isn’t a prison)
Jesus ordered us to occupy till he returns.
God is honored and pleased when we do something with our lives other than just keeping it.
if God has kept you alive, its because he wants you alive.
dont just exist, live. dont just attend life, participate. dont just pass through life, let it pass through you as well.
the only reason certain christians dont commit suicide is because they fear they’ll end in hell for it.
to enjoy life, you have to live it.
God isnt against you having fun. he only requests that you have the right kind.
boring and spiritual dont have the same meaning.
feel the rain on your skin, noone else can feel it for you.
its your life: be in charge of it.
If you don’t take charge of your life, someone else will do it for you. And trust me, they’ll do a bad job.

2. unleash potentials!
you were made for a reason and you are well equipped for it.
discover yourself: the world wont do that for you.
dont make the graveyard richer than it is: choose to die empty.
not only can you not give what you dont have, you cant also give what you dont know you have.
true fulfillment lies not in what you do for yourself, but in what you do for others.
one of the best thing you can do for yourself is to do for others.
You were not created as a final-ity, but rather as a possibilty.
dont stop searching, dont stop becoming you.
we are not what we are, what we are we ought to be; to be who we really are, we have to become it.


3. make impact!
do something.
build your ark- your act of random kindness.
if you ought to and you can, then you should.
impact is heavy, impact is felt.
what is it that you can be remembered for?
touch a heart, bless a life.
the world is counting on you, dont let her down.


4. achieve greatness!
greatness is a product of impact.
greatness when inherited doesnt last, when achieved is sustained.
you were born to be great, choose not to be any less.
fulfilling purpose might be hectic, but it is always fun and rewarding.
no matter how crowded it might be at the top, there is always an extra space to accomodate you.(That is if you are interested)
Greatness is not to be wished, it is to be achieved.
Greatness might be boring at times, but it is always Most fulfilling and rewarding.


why i DONT hate school and love education

Let me set the record straight first. I am a big fan of Sulli Breaks work and this is in no way an attempt to rubbish it or even dispute what he has said. Rather, this is a message that seeks to reinforce his message but at the same time address many folks I have seen that might want to take that message out of context.
Listening to chimamanda Ngozi Adichie made me learn the danger and ills of listening to an incomplete story which she called a single story. It is the same error done when we make dangerous conclusions about a mountain based on just one view. For a ski-diver, that could be as expensive as human life; it could cost you your life. Many young people today are repeating that mistake as regards their education and schooling and I hope this can somehow help us see a different perspective.
Let’s look at the argument. Steve jobs, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, henry Ford, Stephen Speilberg, Bill gates; none of the above mentioned people ever graduated from an higher learning institution. And we don’t need Google to tell us that they are very successful and wealthy.
Point 1. A lot of the wealthiest people the world knows never graduated from a college. But have you also considered the fact that same can be said about the world poorest people. They too never graduated from an higher learning institution. Dropping out of school was not their good luck charm. It never was, it never will.
Hypothetically speaking, a larger percentage of drop outs fail in life than those that did complete school. The examples given above are probably exceptions and it is simply foolishness and not faith to make an exception the rule.
Those people are not successful today, because they didn’t graduate from college. Some didn’t graduate from college because they were already successful. Many others didn’t graduate because they didn’t have the opportunity to.
What I am trying to get across is that school is not the evil, maybe some specific schools are; but school generally isn’t. So we shouldn’t just categorize schooling as evil and then choose to run from it. In truth, your success in life isn’t really based on whether you have a degree or not, but having a degree is also very well NOT a licence or route to failure. (This applies also to many others who claim having a first class isn’t what guarantees success; having a first class doesn’t guarantee failure either. Plus I would rather have a first class and be successful than have a second class and be successful.)
Education indeed is the key. But what are you really in school for. Isn’t it to get educated? Instead of running away from school like it is a one-eyed monster seeking to devour you, why not take it serious and ensure you are getting educated while you are in school. Schooling and education can go together and I am a living proof of that fact!
Pro 17:16 It does a fool no good to spend money on an education, because he has no common sense.
Pro 4:13 Always remember what you have learned. Your education is your life—guard it well.(GNB)
If you are opportune to be in school, my submission is that you shouldn’t waste it. Many have regretted doing that and many more worlds over are wishing they have the kind of chance you have. And while you at it; give it your best shot. Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.
Let me conclude with a nursery school rhyme I learnt long ago:
Good better best,
I shall never rest,
Until my good is better,
And my better best!
I hope with these few words of mine, I’ve been able to convince you on why I DON’T hate school, and love education.
Succeed. No matter how crowded the top is, there is always an extra space to accommodate YOU.
PS: in case you are still hell-bent on dropping out, please at least, make sure you are dropping out for something. But I trust you wouldn’t even bother.


Pro 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

Chokmah is hebrew word for wisdom. The word wisdom comes up 222 times in the entire bible (kjv), 53 of which are in the book of proverbs. It also occurred 50 times in the New Testament 11 of which are in the gospels 6 times in red ink (indicating that they were the exact words of Jesus. Himself).
One could write an entire text book on the subject and so I cannot possible do enough justice to it in this small piece. Its importance cannot be over emphasized. When we consider that quality of our life is a function of our beliefs and actions, and that our beliefs and actions are fruits of our thoughts and decisions, we also will begin to see what the wise man was saying here by calling wisdom the principal (most important) thing.
In Wesley’s commentary on this verse of the bible, he writes that wisdom should be gotten with all, even at the price of all. I also read somewhere recently that we should learn to empty our pockets to fill our heads; We’ll end up thanking ourselves for it. That makes perfect sense as Nothing is too much to pay for wisdom. Ignorance and foolishness are the most expensive possessions in the world but surprisingly poor people have them the most.
Another word for wisdom is good judgement. Ability to choose right. The bible says get wisdom. This is possibly because It is not in man’s default setting to be wise. Wisdom must be acquired.
One other thing I’ll love to stress here Is that to attain wisdom, we should always start with common sense. But it is popular say that even that common sense is not common, it also must be acquired.
In the end, the right option is usually obvious to all. The difference is that the wise man sees it before the consequences while the foolish waits to learn it in pain.(Prov22:3). Jesus said wisdom is justified of her children. Don’t wait till you are at crossroads before you go after wisdom.
Just like friends, the best time to get wisdom is when you don’t need it.

From commonized golds
By Soaga Afolabi Olusegun