proverbs 26: Make sense or Shut Up


Pro 26:4-5         Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.

                                      Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.

It takes wisdom to discern when speech is silver while silence is gold. It is not every word spoken to you that deserves a response; and not every action (in most case offensive) towards you that requires a reaction.

Wisdom will teach you to be still when need be; and it will also teach you when plus ‘how-to- speak’ where it is necessary. The how-to-speak in any situation is of utmost and critical importance because it decides and says a whole lot of things.(see prov29:20)s-COMMUNICATION-SKILLS-large

The grace of a man’s speech can attract kings and noble men to him (pro22:11); likewise the disgrace of his speech can and will also repel mere men from him.

The entirety of what a man is made of can be discerned from the words of his mouth for we can only speak out of the abundance of our heart. Therefore a wise man knows that when how-to-speak isn’t known, silence is essential. Even a fool is counted wise when he simply shuts up! (pro 17:28)

So rightly put; what decides which is a better option between speaking/replying and silence is the availability of a proper/correct reply or answer. That means that the how-to-speak is what determines the when-to-speak. if you cannot make sense with your words, you can do so with your silence.

So the messagEmilysQuotes.Com-silence-fool-relationship-wisdom-advice-Imam-Alie is this: THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. A word spoken can’t be taken back. There is no point in saying or doing things that will make you worse off. Two wrongs have never added up to one right. If your words or actions won’t solve problems or make things better, then it’s better you keep that ‘piece of your mind’ to yourself. if you must respond to situations and offenses in words or action, make sure you are giving a proper and appropraite response that will make both and your hearer/receiver better off.

In conclusion, it is worthy to note also that sometimes silence speaks louder than noise and inaction achieves more than wrong action. Selah

Soaga Afolabi Olusegun


christianesse: saying the right things WRONGLY

Growing up, I use to hear a lot of people say a lot of wrong stuffs. It seemed very normal to be negative in those days. The state of our economy just seemed to have justified it. But beyond just being pessimistic and negative, people were also hateful and harsh in their words. When a child offends his parents, it was almost a given that the parent would react with curses, insults, and name calling.

Then things began change. Not that the economy got better, but people started getting enlightened. Pastors started teaching parents not to speak bad words to their children and there was just this sort of campaign against speaking wrongly. People did their best to adopt this upbeat manner of speaking positively at all times. But somehow I believe that the true intent and message of that campaign has been misunderstood and though today, people are speaking rightly, we are saying the right things wrongly.

  I heard a conversation one morning between my mom and some other person. During the conversation, she said something I’ve heard a lot of people say but it struck a different chord in my heart. She said in our local dialect “owo po lowo mi” which translates in English as ‘I have lots of money with me’. Well, sadly what she was actually communicating to the other person was that she was broke. But because like most other christians, she’s been told how important it is for us to say positive things at all times and so she decided to say she is ‘bucksed-up’. But is that what the bible really teaches us, is that positive confession or is it just plain Christianesse?

The purpose of activity isn’t and shouldn’t be activity but rather getting results. The purpose of speaking life(positively) is not for speaking sake but to actually generate life. When the bible says that God calls those things that be not as though they were(Rom4:17), it also reported the result of that activity that the worlds were framed(created) by the words of God(Heb11:3). His confessions and words generated results. Are yours generating results? If not then what or where is the problem? Words are definitely powerful enough to create visible changes. So maybe what we call positive confession isn’t really it; maybe its just you saying the right things wrongly.

What gives meaning to what you say is what you actually mean while saying it. It is not what you say or how you arrange the words that really matter but rather what you mean. The interpretation of what you say is what gives meaning and value to confession. That is what decides what effect your words will have. Whether they’ll build or they’ll tear down.

For most of what we say, it seems as if we have carved out of English a new way of speaking, a modern Christianesse language for religious folks like ourselves. When we say I’m rich, what we really mean is I’m damn broke; when we say I’m strong we mean I’m sick. The truth then is that what we are really confessing when we thus say I’m rich is that I’m broke, because that’s what we really meant.

Positive confession is you saying what you want to be and not what is. But it is not that alone, you must also believe what you say. It’s got to be a faith declaration; a word of force and power, that can conquer and turn your situation around. Not a casual statement of defeat said positively or euphemistically. What gives meaning to whatever confession we make is what we meant when we said it. To mean what you are saying, you‘ve got to believe it and say it like you believe it. You’ve got to say I’m rich and believe it and stop acting like you are poor. Your behavior after your confession is your litmus-test proof of what you actually confessed. Real positive confession will lighten you up with enthusiasm and faith (Enthusiasm is gotten from Greek word entheous which means God-within).

Enough of the Christianesse crap that is just plain religious but lacks power. It’s time to speak the faith language, the very language of God that says ‘light be, and light becomes!’

So don’t just say the right things, say them rightly and mean them. Then and only then can they produce right results for you. Have a wonderful week.